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The Horse&Rider magazine, packed with the latest horse news, brings you detailed information from vets and top riders, excellent advice for managing your horse, Horse&Rider.

Horse and Rider Magazine

Each edition is full of top hints and recommendations from top sector specialists, with up-to-date information on animal medicine, horse back rides, horse grooming and managment. You will be advised by our specialised veterinarians on horse healthcare issues - in English! Horse & Rider has something for everyone, whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, and covers a broad spectrum of events such as training, jumping, dressage, training and heckling.

The veterinarians in our clinic are experts in a wide range of horse healthcare matters and can advise you on how to cope with injury and emergency and inform you about the latest developments in animal research. You will also gain insights into horse behavior and psychological aspects of horses, which include subjects such as physical speech, stresses and an appreciation of nature's behavior and behavior.

The rider psychological aspects are also treated on a regular basis, from the memory of a test to overcoming problems of trust. Horse&Rider also reports on the latest horse racing headlines and shows and offers great ways to claim great prices in every one. Horse&Rider has someone to keep their fingers crossed for you - beginners, returnees, seasoned riders looking for new abilities or seasoned competitors.

We are proud of our in-house horse know-how with many years of experiance in various fields and background!

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We do not charge any extra postage during the ordering process. One of the great things about a season ticket is that in most cases you get the edition before it is sold in stores! Most likely your subscriptions will begin with the next available edition.

Shipment date is based on the date of your order and the printing date of the next available edition. When you are worried about a shipment, please directly ask the issuer of your subscriber. As an alternative, you can get in touch with us and we will inform you of the publisher's data.

In the case of one-week publication, please allow two to four week for the first time. In the case of montly publication, please allow up to four to six week for your first shipment, although some publishing houses may have longer run-up time. In the case of bimonthly publication, we request a period of up to six to eight week for the first shipment.

In the case of deliveries and magazines from abroad, please allow up to ten to twelve week for your first shipment.

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