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Sharing your moving or funny tales about you and your horse with senior editor Jenny Meyer (max. 700 words) or reply to her past column (

Entire Horse Q&A: Please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries regarding your horse and your horse condition. Win ways: Discuss a subject you'd like to see discussed in H&R. Please submit a picture of your horse from the leftside (make sure it is well looked after, looks ahead and stands on flat floor - and try to prevent disturbing backgrounds).

Please enter your details and the race, size, age and sex of your horse. YYORSE YOUR LIFE: Split your "solutions" to help you spend less or less of your horse's lifetime. Troubleshooter: Do you have a horse issue? Provide your name and details and describe your issue in as much detail as possible so that our specialists can give you the most useful tips.

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You may opt out of our e-mails at any point in the email if you do not wish to receive them. The Horse&Rider magazine is full of top hints and advices from top sector specialists, with current articles on animal medicine, horse back rides, horse grooming and managment. Horse&Rider barn managment is designed to help you get the most out of your horse's life and work!

Customers profit from the fact that they receive their issues every four-week right on their doorstep - even before they are in the stores! Gain immediate one-touch acces to the latest edition of Horse and Rider Magazine to instantly view on your computer, tray or phone while you await the subscription.

A great magazine, useful tips that I can try out with my horse, with different level of performance exercise. All subscribers FREE of charge! What's great about a subscription is that in most cases you get the edition before it's sold in stores! magazine? magazine publishes? magazine publishes? magazine publishes? magazine appears every year? magazine?

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