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Great Britain's best equestrian online shop! We understand you as horse friends, riders and YES competitors. SherwoodPark, Sherwood Park, Alberta. " Stuff Riders Say to Non-Riders." For Ottawa, Nepean, Richmond, Carleton and the rest of Canada's capital region, Performance Horse &

Rider is an experienced, fashionable tack shop.

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With a particular interest in the Hunter/Jumper markets, at Performance Horse & Rider, we want to offer you an individual, highly qualified and extraordinary level of client care through our Wesley Clover Parks in Nepean, Ontario and at the best horse shows throughout Ontario and Quebec. Now you can find and buy some of the best brands' hot dogs on the horseplace.

You can be sure you like us on Facebook and join us on Twitter for quick and regular performance Horse & Rider news but if you are interested in my thoughts about my product, show jumps or various shows, keep an eye on my blogs.

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Each horse is different. That' s why we offer a large selection of horse accessories so that every horse gets what is best for him. Both for the smallest and the biggest horse. Our e-shop is also the right place for the maintenance of your horse. All our grooming materials include detergents, fly repellents, salts and leg and hoof essentials.

Do you need advices what is best for your horse?

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We do not charge any extra postage during the ordering process, the rates you see are the rates you are paying. One of the great things about a season ticket is that in most cases you get the edition before it is sold in stores! Most likely your subscriptions will begin with the next available edition.

Shipment date is based on the date of your order and the printing date of the next available edition. When you are worried about a shipment, please directly ask the issuer of your subscriber. You can also get in touch with us and we will give you the publishing house information.

In the case of one-week publication, please allow two to four week for the first time. In the case of montly publication, please allow up to four to six week for your first shipment, although some publishing houses may have longer run-up time. In the case of bimonthly publication, we request a period of up to six to eight week for the first shipment.

Please allow up to ten to twelve week for your first shipment for foreign deliveries and magazines.

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