Horse and Rider Supplies

Equipment for horses and riders

The Horse and Rider range includes a wide selection of crystal/aperture/diamond tacks, as well as common tacks, carpets, boots, jumps and accessories. Kneepatch Sport Pocket Tights. High quality equestrian equipment at affordable prices. Bags, seat cushions, easy boots and more. The saddles we offer are first class for all types of performance horses and riders, from trail to arena, for both English and Western riders.

Horses and riders

It is our aim that you and your horse look good and distinguish yourself from the mass. Horse and Rider Supplies offers a wide selection of crystalline stacks and equestrian gear to suit everyone from the seasoned rider to the lucky hacker. As the name implies, Horse and Rider Supplies have their own Pinnacle trademark of the highest possible level of success and qualitiy, but we also keep our pricing as low as possible for the qualitiy of the goods we deliver.

Humboldt Horse and Rider Supplies is a safe site and uses Paypal, a very safe way of paying and you can also use your credit/debit cards via Paypal.

Horseman & Rider

Since then, our young people's department has developed to meet all the needs of our youngsters. Be it the perfectly fitting high boots, the noble show cloak or the comfy riding pants, we have your back from top to toes! There is a wide range of British and West tacks from Weatherbeeta, Tough 1, Sires, Horze, Professional's Choice, Roma and Perri's.

We have the best quality horse care equipment such as Showsheen, Sore No More, Vetricyn and much more to make your horse look and feel good. Horze & Weatherbeeta has cosy and cosy quilts and don't miss to spoil them with a large choice of delicacies, games and preferences!

Our show clothing and stable clothing are great as well::

English Horse & Rider Broyer Classic

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