Horse Attire

equestrian clothing

Lisarow, Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, Australien. Tack/Attire- must be shown in bridle or halter depending on the breed, bridle reins must be removed or attached to the mane on the withers. It is advisable for the horse to walk in a group, stay without a fight, stand patiently at the cheques, wait for jumps and jump without refusals.

That Hunter Horse

The real fighter is a gentlemen or a woman on the floor and on the fields. One of the most important characteristics of a military fighter is security and endurance. It is advisable for the horse to walk in a group, stay without a struggle, be patient at the cheques, waiting for leaps and jumping without any cancellations.

He/she should be able to wear you throughout the entire hunting period, regardless of its length. A horse should be able to lie on the floor, hang lightly and should be able to tie up. The best hunting ponies are those used for hiking and cross-country horseback rides. When you are new to the game, it is in your interest to begin early in the racing and cubing seasons so that you and your horse have enough free rein to get into shape.

When your horse is in workout, it is a good idea to put a band on his tails so that the other horsemen know that your horse is not. The horse should come neat, tidy and cleanly stapled. When it gets chilly, the horse's footwear should be either rivetted or boron coated to provide sufficient grip on smooth skires.

Ensure a safe clearance between the horse to prevent shocks. If a horse is known to pedal, it should be held backwards. You should tie a band of gold to the cock as a sign ofaution. If dogs, the hunter, masters or other employees come by, always point your horse's nose at them, never at the back.

When a horse's hair is plaited, it should be done properly. A beautifully cut unweaved hair is better than a poorly woven one. However, Martingale are not suitable in the area. Sometimes a horse keeps in a bridle, even when the chase pushes up the adrenaline, but many need something more.

To rely on the circular technology to stop a horse is a diversion and above all a threat to others. For the hunt an British all-purpose, ski jumper or cross-country skier' s semi.

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