Horse Auction 2016

Equine auction 2016

Katalog - Ergebnisse - Spring campaign 2016 for two-year-olds in training. Secretive horse auction sales cause Polish ruckus WARSAW, Poland - Anette Mattsson had offered 200,000 Euro (226,500 Dollar) for a valuable Arab grey filly, but soon quit. As prices rose quickly and there were no signs of other bids, she felt that something odd was happening with the Pride of Poland auction on 14 August. Matsson, a 27 year old auction experienced Swede grower, was not alone in the suspicion that something had gone wrong in his application for a thoroughbred Arab called Emira.

The following weekend, the selling became a scandalous policy, making Emira a concept and calling for a penal inquiry. No matter what has really been happening, the suspicion has been a slap in the face to the face of the call of an Arab horse breed programme which is one of the best in the whole word and which many Poles appreciate as a heritage.

A lot of folks think that someone made counterfeit offers to push up the price at the auction at the famous Janow Podlaski horse auction, a state-owned company in East Poland, an assertion that the government strongly rejects. The suspects believe that government agents took action to secure a winning auction, which was seen as a great test for the new team.

Emira's prize continued to rise after Mattsson's withdrawal and eventually announced that 550,000 Euro had been made. Emira was returned at the end of the auction and offered for resale. Mattson said she saw this comin'. After her first unsuccessful commandment, a bidder asked her how much she would be paying for the filly.

He said again, "How much are you willing to spend on Emira? remembered Mattsson. Finally they reached an agreement with another officer on 200,000 Euro and shake his hands, only a little while later he got out again. She was put up for auction again. "to the stallion's fame.

Changes in Polish powers usually lead to changes in the way state-owned companies are managed, but the dismissal of the growers was highly contentious as they met three highly regarded experts - Marek Trela, Jerzy Bialobok and Anna Stojanowska - who had worked on the farm for many years and created world-class stock wanted by prominent figures, Arabian sheiks and other multimillionaires.

Trela, the Janow Podlaski executive director, was originally substituted by a governing political loyaltyist who was lacking horse riding skills, but who said: "I think it will be my new one. "In the midst of the turmoil surrounding this date, Slawomir Pietrzak, whose specialist knowledge lies in the field of sport horse breeding, was hired as a new manager in June. An important task for Pietrzak was to apologise to the UK grower Shirley Watts, the spouse of Rolling Stones percussionist Charlie Watts, who had lent two out of four broodmares to Poland who died after the move.

Mr. Mattsson said the Associated Press that she believed that "Foul Play" was implicated in the auction. It could not say who else would bid for Emira, which was the best of 31 stallions for auction that night. "At my desk, the folks stood up to see who had bid," Mattsson said.

"One can always see the Ring Master concentrating on the desk from which the commandments come, even when a offering individual is silenced. "The 16-year-old filly was regarded as the auction's star and the officers had fixed a spare or at least 700,000 Euro. As a rule, the lowest bid is kept confidential, but the seller lets it slide out.

Following the auction, the state agent responsible for the auction, Karol Tylenda Emira, named an "old mare" and said they were fortunate enough to have been able to sell her because she had trouble with the foal. Over the following few weeks he proclaimed the auction successful and then resigned, although he denied that this was related to the outrage.

Pietrzak, the director of the studs, said to the AP that the AP had not committed any cheating, and accused the seller, an American, of having declared Emira a sale even though there was no obvious purchaser.

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