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Saturdays for sale - Horses, Tack, & Machines Every first Saturday of the following months we organize our general monthy horse and bridle sell. Machines are also sold here from April to September. From March to September on the third Saturday of each months we organize our horse and premier stacksale. Pack tickets must be submitted in advance throughout the entire calendar months, and the ticket numbers are assigned and sent to the sellers before they are sold.

August 4 - Sales of horse, bridles, machines and poultry on a month-to-month basis. September 1 - Sales of hoeing, machinery and poultry on a month-to-month basis. 20 October - Sales of horse, bridles and poultry on a month-to-month basis. 1 December - Sales of horse, bridles and poultry on a month-to-month basis. We sell the ponies in the order of their arrival at the school. A £15 registration charge will be made and a 5 pounds rebate will be due as soon as the horse is on the ring.

All categories of horses can be sold: hunters, ponies, donkeys, alpacas and llamas. When sellers want to e-mail images of inventory they want to offer for purchase, we'll be glad to promote them on SMB. The sales hours are as follows:

machine data for 2018: Greenow organizes the machine and auction machine purchases and can enter the lottery until 4 p.m. the days before the game. We are happy to have our seasoned auctions staff visiting sellers to inspect the lot before it is sold. Tell Tom which machines you bring so that we can promote them to you before you sell them.

Doors open at 07:30 and the main office will be open to reserve tickets and register for purchase. Mm-hmm: Tack: There is a £3 reserve per ticket (minimum bid) for this sell.

Horse riding auctions on the Ashford Markt

We do not offer horse or pony auctions on our auctions. Every year we host two horse auctions at our dedicated Ashford Market horse sale center. Auctions generally comprise between 1,000 and 1,250 lots: We do not charge a minimum selling rate for your products.

Ship your item to the auction page on the date of purchase. You can bank the check. Soon after the sales we will send you a sales results sheet with your check.

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