Horse back Riding

Riding horseback

Go on a trip into the past through the picturesque Pocono Mountains. Get saddled up at Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo for a scenic riding adventure in Florida.

Luxurious holiday - Horseback riding - Horseback riding

Open sky, legend-brush slopes and snow-covered summits are best enjoyed on horse back. A part of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star luxurious guide is to have everything at hand for an extraordinary riding holiday. The Rod & Gun Club offers our customers caps, jackets, boots and riding helms.

You can customize our programme for each individual visitor, with a wrangler willing to lead you through this important ranching adventure. Work in the mind of the game, where travellers are immersed in the riding style of western Montana rather than seeing it through the battens of a coral.

The 6,600 hectares of land and kilometres of hiking paths offer new adventure for all degrees of difficulty. Shallow shore paths are best for the beginner, while hikes to the tops and hikes to the forests of pines are best suited for experienced and experienced hikers. Once you've equipped yourself with a pair of shoes and a cap, our Wrangler will make sure that you feel good on a horse that suits your skill set.

You will give a fundamental lecture on physical riding and turning techniques such as saddle, blanket, stirrup and rein. Long half and full days tours are available for experienced and more experienced skiers by appointment. Extend your riding style from 30 minutes to one riding class per week in the stadium. The course is suitable for kids and grown-ups of all difficulty grades.

Horsemen of all levels can profit from a personal study at the ranch. The classes are a good chance for beginners to build self-confidence or for advanced students to explore new skills. The Arena matches are designed at the rider's own judgement to best match the skills and level of driver comforts.

You can see how the professionals do it during the summers at our week-long ranch rodeo. Rouping classes are available for people of all age. At first the participants are taught the fundamentals of making loops and practise the abseiling of a dummy-steer on feet before entering the semi. When in the seat, the drivers follow a four wheel drive handlebar to improve their positions, momentum and deliver.

At 8 a.m. in the morning, you begin your Friday with a fresh cowboys breakfasts, gathering in the barns and boarding our horse-drawn carriages for a drive to Piney Pond. You' ll be at Piney Pond to enjoy a fireplace breakfest with coffe and savoury and light food to enjoy Chef Drage's home-made treat.

At the end of your morning break, you' ll be back in the car and enjoying a merry drive back to Camp Roosevelt, just in good season for your whole adventure-expedition. So how many ponies does the ranch have? Is it possible to have my own horse? Are you offering British riding? How does The Ranch differ from other Montana Runches?

So how many ponies does the ranch have? We' ve got about 75 of them. Most of our flock consists of quarter horse. In general, we recommend that kids under 8 years of age join the Little Grizzlies Kids Club to enjoy our horse programme. There are some exemptions for really experienced young horsemen. Is it possible to have my own horse?

We do not allow visitors to take their own horse for medical and security purposes. We are not all used to our west scenery and we have animals on the estate. A new horse doesn't get used to it properly during his stay here. And we believe that a riding holiday is an occasion to meet new and different horse people.

Are you offering British riding? No, we are encouraging all horsemen to live Montana's westerly riding tradition. How does The Ranch differ from other Montana Runches? These contrasts create an incomparable event for our visitors.

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