Horse Ball Feeder

Automatic horse ball feeder

Curb the boredom of your horse with the innovative Shires Horse Ball Feeder Toy! Shires Ball Feeder is a stable favourite for owners and horses! A colourful play ball that makes boredom easier and takes your horse to pasture. Make the boredom in the stable easier or engage your horse in his paddock with this colourful play ball. Relieve the boredom in the stable or engage your horse in his paddock with this colorful ball!

pink ball feeder

So if you get this ball, you have to use dry treats in place of bits of fresh sweet or apples because you have to fill them at least half full (which is a lot in festivities!), and take them away before it gets empty anywhere near to prevent equine frustrations.

It'?s not the inner lipstick. But be warned, it is three time the cost and the gap is just big enough for a horse to dent if you keep it with them when it is empty (and your horse is like my Mustang). The Shires Ball will not have this issue because of its round edges around the opening (i.e. the "lip").

Also be warned that the Shires Ball comes in a wide range of colours and the one on the picture may not be the one you get. So I had to give mine back because I wanted it to be violet but got rose. The colours in the lilac (blue) and pinks (yellow) are better than those in the rose (red) area.

The Equestrian Ball Feeder promotes a more spontaneous, slow feed behavior than feed from a pail.

Equestrian Ball Feeder promotes a more spontaneous, slow feed than pailfeed. It' a useful tool for alleviating dullness or stressful conditions in the stables or paddocks and for pausing in the stables. Packet Height:9-1/4 Inch Packet length:10-7/8 inch Packet Weight:1.7 lb. Packet Width:9-5/8 in.

Depth of product:9 in. Length of product:9 in. Item Weight:1.1 lb. Width of product:9 in. Equestrian Ball Feeder by Shire is awarded 4.7 out of 5 x 7, the best toys ever! They like this toys all the time. They like it. Big ball of dullness! Purchased this for my mini-ass, they emotion them, finished up having to buy 2 because they wouldn't part.

My horse loves this plaything. I' ve never had so much pleasure from it before. treating ball My horse was playing for about 5 mins before he ruled that the bounty wasn't really rewarding, an extra pocket would probably make it more likely that he would use it.

I may try another treatment later, but in the worse case my dog will probably use it. Because of the horse's physical condition and dimensions, we do not recommend this products for smaller pets.

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