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Also the building layout, the ventilation and the overall functionality are considered in your project. DC Builders, a nationwide design and construction company, specialises in the planning of horse stables made of solid wood for equestrian farms of all sizes. Build your perfect stable with the experience of experienced stable builders. View our photo gallery of dozens of stables we built in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado and Delaware.

Stable Builder - DC Builder

Stables made of woods remind us of the origins of our arable land. Usually constructed in plywood or post-and-beam design, a stable constructed in this way is put together for a long time. Following a catastrophe, post-and-beam structures are often the only ones that stay in place.

The preference for longevity is not only practical, but also allows a high degree of versatility in the interior design of the stable. The use of thick timber for the planning of the supporting structure using the post-and-beam procedure also ensures barn with high slabs and attractive, open interior spaces. The high arched ceiling means more space for a two-storey hayloft or an open ambience for the horse and its minder.

We sometimes get customers who are interested in what it means to convert an old barn into a fully functioning riding facility. It is possible, but most of us are not aware of what an often tedious and costly procedure can be to reconstruct a stable. Beyond regulative constraints and concealed cost in the shape of gas flushing and re-engineering charges, stable renovation can be a lot more costly than a brand-new stable.

That is why, unless the old barn is in relatively large form and place with municipal construction regulations, it is probably a better investion to begin from the ground up and redesign your own barn. It is a big choice to have a new stable, so it is important to evaluate the value of your investments over the years.

The DC Builders has it in for a discipline, it's the skill of the stable. All over the Netherlands, our team's expertise in the planning and construction of wooden stables makes us particularly competent horse stable builders. Our clients sometimes come to us with a dream for their stable designs in their minds, sometimes they come to us with nothing more than an original concept to do.

No matter what the case, we make it our top priorities to fulfill the customer's life style when it comes to creating his stable plan. We have around 15 years of planning and construction of stables and have optimized our processes so that we can offer our clients the best possible benefits.

DC Builders is pleased to offer independent designs, framings, plan changes or layouts for customers who are not necessarily looking for turnkey work. The DC Builders family take top-notch products and value-added consulting seriously. Our stables are steeped in our commitment to excellence at every stage of the production chain, from high-quality raw material to individual client care.

All of our stables are made of delicate, sturdy woods from the Pacific Northwest. Headquartered in the heartland of the wood processing industries, DC Builders has built and benefited from our relationship with some of the country's leading wood manufacturers. In this way we can offer our customers high-quality, sturdy woods at a sensible price.

We are an outstanding business associate in the planning and building of our customers' stable designs, from our craft experience and first-class client services to our commitment to provide our buyers with what they want, at a fair cost we can work with. We' ve got people who choose to work with us, but we go one better to make their dream come true.

Because of our horse stable project portfolios, our designers know that we have a lot of insights, but it's about what the customer wants and needs at the end of the work. We have been fortunate enough to work with some very imaginative customers over the years, and our finished ventures tell a tale of our team's capability to turn our customers' vision into breathtaking riding arenas.

Throughout the United States, we have engineered and constructed large and small stables, from small stables that house one or two of our customers' own to large stables that have been developed for customers' horse pensions, such as the one in Arlington, Washington. We often get inquiries for a hybridsystem, which consists of a stable with dwelling.

DC Builders offers a lot of options. If customers come to us with the aim of building a stable, we like to go with them through our galleries to inspire them. We' ve seen everything from barn like this one in San Jose, California, and this one in San Martin, California, to horse stables with a two-story lofts for sloping and enjoyment of animals like this one in West Linn, Oregon.

The majority of the stables we create and construct are equipped with modern classical stable front panels, such as this Monitor-style stable in Penn Valley, California. As we know that detail is important, we pay particular attention to offering specific functions such as domes for outdoor illumination or howling loft with specific characteristics that facilitate the maintenance of the horse.

Outside, inside or adjoining, like this stable in Woodside, California, DC Builder's designs are enriching our customers' style of horseback rides. DC Builders places high demands on our software and service. As we see it, a good work is done right the first try - we would have expected the same if we were to carry out our own stable work!

Really hearing what our customers have to say about their objectives in the stable enables us to provide a standard of services unrivalled by our peers in the sector. When you are prepared to begin to plan your own stable design, please feel free to browse through our downloadable catalogue and see the options.

Or if you are willing to begin with a theme, ask for a free offer to get the whole thing started today! Tailored to the customer's needs, this stable in West Linn, Oregon is loaded with enhancements and personalised functions that are tailored to the customer and his belongings. Its solid timber construction and Classic Equine door and stables give this barn a contemporary, rural look.

Besides a lot of work space, there is also an area on the upper floor that has been transformed into a playroom and a great place to slop while you are near your horse. The stable has seven stables with roofed switches, a utility room, a saddle room, a cleaning stable and an administration area.

There is even a one-bedroom flat with own bath, galley and roofed terrace. At the front of the barn is a solid wooden veranda with a punched terrace, a great place to unwind and share the estate with your loved ones and your families. Constructed to withstand any kind of wind breeze, this custom-made barn is located at an altitude of 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains!

There are four stands, a saddle room, a parking lot, a repair shop, a roofed riders' camp and 1,700 m of residential area on the upper level. The difference between this individual barn with dwelling and most of our barn apartments is that the dwelling divides the groundfloor with the horse. There is a large windows in the dining room, with the bedrooms, galley and lounge directly opposite four horse stables and feeding and turning areas.

Tailor-made barn with housing has a number of lasting improvements, among them fanlights to optimise ambient light, a photovoltaic panels to reduce power costs and an electrical vehicle charger to reduce CO2s. Two horse boxes and two shelters for dogs are located on the groundfloor, while 1,800 square metres of residential area are available on the upper storey.

The barn with lounge area on the upper floor has four horse boxes with Classic Equine stable front panels and Holland style door, as well as all necessary riding facilities. On the upper floor, the two-bedroom house is designed comfortably and luxuriously thanks to its open wooden construction. With our experienced staff of stable and stadium builders, we will help you build a riding complex tailored to your life style or your goals.

We are experienced stable designer and builders and know exactly how to fulfil your special needs. Our company has a wealth of design and construction expertise in small businesses and crafts. Are you tired of it pouring on your horseback ride? Protect your investment and organize it in a practical parking space with housing.

We can create a room that works for you, from motorhomes to ATMs and everything in between. We have a wealth of expertise in the planning and construction of made-to-measure houses and riding arenas. There is no DC Builders size or size!

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