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We also have a wide range of colours, sizes and structure options to choose from. With our practical metal color selection tool, you have an immediate idea of how your farm building will look in every color on offer. Arquitetura, holiday home and gardening Nice grey barn - great designer idea for the car park. I like the door. The stall substitute of the day.

These are my new barn gates. I like these folding gates, I want them as an entry to our barn and a smaller couple for my larder door, loving with a topic throughout the house.

The new barn of New England (only gold retrievers). The renovated barn with brick terrace by ABCD designs is a nice home offices. White/grey stable plank gives this bathroom a uniquely modern and country-style look.

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Grey outer cladding made of metall with yellow coloured cuprooof, focusing on the colour pattern and not on the stable look. Now I like the concept of a cupreous steal rooftop, a marine track and a brown/brown cladding. I have a creme stable if I won the lotto! stable looks great with a Premier Metals stand-up fold canopy.

Colours -- tradional stable red (this is too light), darkgrey canopy. Precision Buildings will create your ideal home with the latest designs and constructions combined with Amic craft.

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Collectors in the metallic attic! It can be install by ANY expert in the field of metallic roofs! All Doors - Dark grey lacquered interior doors - Black Fox, Sherwin Williams. We like the domes, the paneling, the wood and the brown metallic rooftop. praise with cleft tile against Ga-tile on the lower half.

What a nice place to be living. colour combination Easy contemporary home made in a rustic folk parlance. Hardi Board Siding and Eagle-Window. Handcrafted pinewood french style completes the aesthetics. ooo actually grey building, pickled gate, dark canopy.

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