Horse Barn with Living Quarters

Stable with living area

The optional horse stable package includes: heavy-duty, powder-coated, galvanised stable fronts, chewing protection, rubber stable mats, Dutch door switches. Our company has the characteristics and possibilities to protect your horses and to give you security. Low-cost and energy-efficient stables with living space are hybrid houses that provide shelter for both people and their horse friends. Every stable with Living Quarters Design Series contains several stable plan variants with different configurations and equipment features. Stables with living area or "barndominium" are built for quality and individualization.

We offer individual stables with living area and other designs.


The safety of your horse is your first concern when you build a new stable, paddock or run-in hut. You also want a classy and practical house that is long-lasting and can accommodate your horse mates. If you like to ride a horse for fun, relaxation, sport or company, Morton has a place for you and your horse.

Whether westerns or training, whether a pony or an Arab, you and your horse are at home. Our company has the characteristics and possibilities to protect your horse and to give you security. You can even equip your stable with living space so that your whole home can be at home! If you work with Morton, you will benefit from Morton at every stage, because it is the detail of your property that will keep you satisfied for years to come.

You can rely on your design from the first time you meet to the final build and know that it is backed by an incumbent with the most powerful guarantee in the game.

DC Builders Barn with Living Area Owners

Investing in a barn with living space is a milestone for every home owner, so it is essential that the barn is designed to last. Wooden stables with living rooms, which are erected in proven post-and-beam design, are a good long-term outlay.

In addition to architectural dignity, barn with mullion-transom living spaces ensure dramatic open interior spaces with high slabs. The open floor plans offer a luxury ambience that is perfect for staying with your loved ones or with your loved ones. They are often eager to know whether they can convert an old barn into an appartment barn by creating a living room on the upper floor in a lofts area or by reworking it.

That is certainly feasible, but it is generally a very expensive procedure involving serious regulation problems. Gas flushing charges and re-engineering charges are inevitable and will probably charge a bigger bill than a brand new customized flat barn would run overall. Stable renovation could be worthwhile if the current barn complies with site construction regulations and is in good shape, but in most cases a new, tailor-made concept and construction is the better long-term option.

The new barn with living space will also profit from a longer service life and more possibilities for adaptation. DC Builders is a nation-wide designer and builder with expertise in creating and constructing customized stables with living spaces throughout the U.S. Sometimes our customers come to us with well-developed designs for their stables, and others with a straightforward objective of one.

Whenever our clients are in the planning phase of their barn with living area, we accompany them through a collaboration designing phase to make sure that their vision is well presented during the entire planning and building phase. We have 15 years and tens of finished sheds.

Over the last one and a half decades, the knowledge we have acquired has enabled us to improve our processes over the course of the years in order to better service our customers. Our design and design engineers show case the art of their work with great love for detail by building unique, tailor-made living stables.

DC Builders is pleased to help customers who wish to use independent utilities such as designs, frames, plan changes or outlines. Relying on well-stocked building supplies and committed, individual client care, DC Builders is a great designer and builder for those who want to construct a new barn with living space.

Each of the apartments barn we design and build was made of selected hardwoods from the Pacific Northwest. The location at the core of the wood processing industries has given us the unprecedented possibility to establish close relations with the sawmills. It is this particular bond that enables us to procure high qualitiy wood at a sensible cost that we can offer to our customers.

While our engineering competence in designing and constructing is very useful, it is our capacity to grow and realize our customers' dream that makes us a truly advantageous business ally. Our residential project barn and barn portfolios speak for themselves about our unparalleled capacity to capture our clients' vision and transform it into a well-built residential barn, as well as the creativeness of our customers.

Living in a stable has a number of advantages, among them improved safety for livestock and the economic viability of a multi-purpose building. Regardless of the client's goals or specific wishes, DC Builders will use its designs and constructions to build a durable, unique barn with living space that meets the client's needs.

Occasionally customers are schemed by the option of an appartment barn, but are worried about the unglamorous smell of stables in their home or a lacklustre look. We can dispel these worries because we have never worked with a customer who felt that he had to give his life in his house because he was sharing a partition with his barn.

Well thought-out airing and long-lasting constructions allow the customer to keep their pets near but separated. There are of course many ways to arrange rooms that can be used jointly by the customer and his horse. The barn with living space in Santa Ynez, California, has a roofed outside terrace with a view to the stables.

At Taos, New Mexico, customers can view their barn on the second level while watching their ponies in the enclosure below. In Burlington, North Carolina, this barn with living room has a leading edge open plan galley with a view into the adjoining barn so that home owners can always see what their horse is up to.

With a strong customer involvement in the designing supply chain, DC Builders is ready to support any ideas our customer wants to realize. For the first run, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and save our costumers a lot of valuable energy during the entire planning and building phase of their individual sheds.

Being fortunate to have had so many possibilities to work with customers across the nation, we are committed to our guarantee of excellence. Really listen ing to our customers' needs and reacting accordingly, we offer them an excellent level of services unparalleled in the building sector. It is our obligation to make our customers' wishes come true.

And if you already have an initial concept for your projects, you can start today with a free offer! This stable house offers everything with a large caravan park on the groundfloor and a tailor-made living area on the upper level, which includes a 600 mq. decking area.

It is the ultimative hunter's lodge and more. As well as the individually decorated, rustically furnished living rooms in the attic, there is a large parking space and a work area on the groundfloor, which is ideal for the storage of equipment and cars during your time. The breathtaking barn in Burlington, North Carolina, was created by DC Builders' in-house designer group.

This stable has four horse boxes, a feeding room and a saddle room. A unique feature of this house is a living room on the first floor, which includes a bed room, a living room and a fully equipped fully equipped kitchen with a window to the stables. Sited in Newnan, Georgia, this customized barn with living room has a luxury two-roomed flat with a spacious room.

There are two horse boxes, a saddle room, a car washes, a car park, a special high-grade storage room with a canteen for supporting customers' hunt hobbies and two continuous shed sheds. Are you considering a barn with living space for your real estate? Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be living in a barn?

With our apartment garage, professionals and amateurs can easily keep their passion near. Partysheds provide rework or a room to practise the things you do for pleasure. Back yard trips can feature sun lit deck, a men's den for cold weather, and a customized seasonal waterfall.

WILLING TO MKE YOUR FLAT BARN DREAMS COME TRUE? We have an extraordinary track with our unique barn with residential complex.

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