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We' re just a charity. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth This sentence was written because you can assess the horse's ages and condition on the basis of its own dentition, so that if someone is offering you a free horse, you may not want to look into its jaw. Trojans long ago learnt not to rely on Greeks with gifts. It was not long ago that I learnt that you should always look into the mouths of a given horse.

Now and then people volunteer to give a horse to the campsite, and we like it when they do! A new horse is always a big seller with the camper, and it is always great to see how the gentleman often provides just the right horse at the right moment to meet a need in the programme.

However, a few years ago we got a horse - we will call him Jake - that was a treasure with a big sickness. But Jake had no fangs. It was a rather old horse with a poor cheating habits, both of which can help wear out his own set of skulls. We ended up using Jake for about a year before we had to resell him.

He was a present horse we should have put in our mouths and it made me think about the one present you could take at face value. It is the redemption present that we have through Jesus Christ. Instead, God is offering us the present of living through His Son.

All too often we have the feeling that we have to make our own way to hoist ourselves by our boots, but it's a present we can't deserve. However we try to make things complicated, the free present of redemption is easy. It is a present that you can put in your mouths and push and control, and the reality of it never changes.

Becky's Gift | Becky's Gift Equine Relief

In 2018 Becky's Gift Equine Relief flew by and received many cries for help. In addition to inquiries for grasshopper, cereals, blacksmith and regular vet service, there were a number of cases requiring operations, intensive nursing and hospitalisation. 100% of all donated funds go directly to horse grooming.

Becky's Gift Equine Relief is a (501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in remembrance of Becky Lang. It is our quest here at Becky's Gift to help with the nutrition and grooming of horses in a time of need. We are here to give help as needed in the forms of animal food, vet support and farriery work.

Becky's Gift has supported several hundred horse owners throughout New Hampshire since 2009. We' re dependent on the generous support of our people to make Becky's poison work. Firstly, an aid request must be made. Click here to get the contact information. Once you have completed the following information, please send us an e-mail with the enclosed contact information or if you have any queries.

Remark: Due to our non-profit, non-profit and tax-exempt statute, we are restricted to providing help to those in N.H. only. Becky's Gift is always looking for committed contributors to help us accomplish our missions.

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