Horse Bathing Kit

Bath set for horses

This is a list with suggestions for tools you might like when bathing horses. Keep them in a large wash bucket to create a practical bath set. Make sure your horse is clean and healthy with hot lingerie, sweat wipers and horse shampoo from top brands like Eqysss at affordable prices.

eZall Weaver Leather Complete Starter-Bathekit

Simple Spray On, Rinse Off. Combining scientific and technological expertise with Mother Nature, it is the formula for the ultimative plant-based formula that saves a lot of gel and saves a lot of work. Bio-degradable recipes from renewable sources make every purely organic E-Zall products safe for the horse, the horse caregivers and the world.

The eZall is the most popular rider for its easy spraying and rinsing methods. The eZall Foamer and the soft but strong formulation of T BA removes debris and died off skins from the body in less than five minute without removing the most important oil for your skins and your hair's heath.

Equine Washing Systems & Care Products

The washing system keeps the tube above the animal's top and off the ground. Easily installed, the powder-coated tubing is mounted inside or outside on a panel or pole where there is a flow of rain. Supplied with holders, 25' tube and jet. Unparalleled aluminium construction provides an uncomplicated and simple way to clean cattle.

It is the only therapeutical, water-saving, light and settable pressurized washing rod available on the current commercialization. For daily use in barn, kennel, shows, campsite, any place at any moment. Additional storage space for moisturizing hair care products. Shampooing is a snap with this convenient applicator that can be simply attached to any EZWash wall.

Just fill it with your favourite hair care product or fluid soaps, fix it to the stick and you' re washed. Patented aluminium construction provides an easy way to clean your pet's lambs, cattle, cats, herds, cats, and other small pets without getting dirty or squandering it. Therapeutical, water-saving, light and easy-to-adjust cleaning rod for removing soiling, sludge, pee and skin flakes with one hand movement and is suitable for all age groups.

The environmentally sound styling saves watermark and cuts down on shampoos and scrubbing, making it a cost-effective supplement to any stable. It works perfectly with the shower soap applicator (sold separately). The standard customary warm wather tube has a dual coil strengthening for firmness and versatility. Flameproof nickel-plated steel coupling and heavy-duty variable spraying nozzles.

Hotshash Deluxe Flat Folder Cart can be used with the 4 or 8 gallons of Hotshash Titanium Pro.

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