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We are the most comprehensive online guide to famous bit and spore manufacturers. Do you need help in evaluating or selling your antique pieces and spores? See more ideas about manufacturer brand, shaft and belt. When you are looking for fine handmade bits and spurs. Denis Moreland Tack Horse Dentures are handmade in the workshop of dental manufacturers with many years of experience.

Manufacturer brand, shaft and belt

Adds bit and spore brands, manufacturer brands and a short text to this directory. These are a couple of handcrafted spores of the deceased Leonard G. Grubb from Tulia, Texas. Its spores don't come up for sales very often. It is clear what the manufacturer's symbol is.

It is a used full shaft kerb drill from Texas Bit and spore makers Rickey Trammell. These are a set of women's spores in pristine state by Barry Guillory from Pine Prairie, Louisiana. It is a used, massive kerb drill with tapered opening from Kansas manufacturer Jim Collins.

Being able to build gear that working Cowboys and Professional riders appreciate comes from being "there that did" and having first-hand knowledge of what works.

Being able to build gear that working cowboys and professionals appreciate comes from being "there that did" and having first-hand knowledge of what works. Raised on some of the biggest farms in West Texas, Joe J. Spiller's farming toolboxes come naturally. Joe Dickens County was home in Paducah, Texas.

He is experienced in horse clinic accommodation, bit hospitals, horse education for the general population, raping, hunt excursions, ranching foremen and daily work for various Texas and New Mexico apparel. Twenty-five years of spore and bit manufacturing expertise, his clients include rancher, cows and riders in all aspects of west trekking from Canada to Texas, California to Europe and Australia.

Employees of Westernseman assigned Joe to produce these spiller cutters for Darrell Dodd, publishers after he retired in December 2013. He was instrumental in the magazine's enhanced size and great photographic work. Since 1936 it has been the premier journal for horsewalkers. Click on the picture above to see Joe Spiller's West Horseman movie about bit pick.

Cameron and Spiller at the Spiller Ranch. Joe's work has been presented in several publications:- Western Horseman, November 2013, "Silver & Steel".

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