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On our customers and suppliers: Approximately 58% of them are other horse produce, 1% are saddle. There are a large number of dentition types available, such as free patterns, purchased patterns. We have 6,267 equine dentition providers, mainly in Asia. Its most important supplier markets are China (mainland), Pakistan and Taiwan, which account for 65%, 29% and 3% of equine dentition respectively.

Equine dentition is most common in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Guarantee your security by choosing from ISO9001, 104 with others and 13 with BSCI certifications.

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Buying guides for horse bits: Quelle low-cost and high qualitiy electric tooling, manual tooling on-line from China manufacturers and vendors. With our expert customer support, you can select the right Horse Bit plant at a dependable cost. In the procurement of hard- and tooling from China, very important aspects such as qualitiy assurance, logistics organisation and supply management have to be considered.

When you are looking for horse bites for purchase, look at the above product decisions that you cannot miss along with other extras such as bit chisels, drills, bites.

Western Bits | Horse Accessories

Very good if you need help to get your horse's feet underneath you and his butt down. A three-part jaw touches the rods at a greater angel than a two-part jaw, making it easier to get in touch with newerves. Cupper roll often calms a tense horse and add light reed press for a better headset.

"5 "5" cheek, 5" jaw, 3/8" bridle. Four moveable parts allow the horse to react to the fine pull of the reins, which significantly reduce the difficult reins use. 5 " and 2 " mouth connection. Very good if you need help to bring your horse's feet underneath you and his backside down. A horse can collect the gagging well.

The three-part jaw provides a small "bite" to this low lever for more grip. 3/8 " turned sweat yogurt, 5 " mouths with a bridle for dogs bones. These teeth are developed to make your horse's jaw softer and more sensitive. Use it to move your ready foals and start their colt.

Beautiful bridles made of high-grade steal with 8" turning cheek, 5" jaw and unfolded bridle-eye. These 3/8 " strips are inserted in brass and give a front elevation. Restricted travels prevent the bridle from applying overpressure to the outer rods. Soother for the jittery horse and exerts a certain amount of reed force for a better headset.

This shallow cowhide is ideal for a horse that has a normal gait and only needs to be "wedged" to keep in line with the horseback. This is a very favourite piece of exercise. "6 "6" panning jaws and 5" jaw. This is a very beautiful, pinch-free, 5 " cheekbones, stainless stell workout bit. To keep the horse's jaws wet, the lips are unburdened (bent) and covered with cup.

Much more reactive than a rejuvenated lips, but less reactive than a turned bridle. Three-ring rotating shaft, rust-proof, with blackened side rails and jaw. "8 "8" jowls, 5" jaw with 3/8" embossed sticks, inserted brass. Pivot and ring made of high-grade steal. For practice, demonstration, competitions and driving fun.

Rubberized bike necklace, horse sized with 8" cheek. Stainless steal, weighty kerbstone necklace with quick-release fasteners at each end.

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