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I' m looking forward to helping you and your horse to communicate better. I' ve bought a little bit of them live at their stand at your horse and got the wrong size. Bitting Quality Consulting I can' t help 1) eradicating long-term habit in an hours, 2) letting you rid like a top horsewoman, 3) solving a problem that has nothing to do with it - although appropriate instructions are provided, 4) healing a bad oral condition in an hours time, 5) healing horses/ponies (and riders!) mental problems in an hours time..



It is an innovating company that meets the needs of the horse and rider. A lot of care is given to the materials, form and the weights of the bit. Each bit is handmade in the Netherlands, which makes Traust one of a kind and therefore ensures high qualitiy. They are known for their soft and soft metal mouthpiece (sweet iron), but also plastic and lead.

Anatomical mouthpieces provide an optimum fit in the horse's muzzle. The cute chunks of chewing bone make my horse bite its teeth, relaxing its jaws and feeling good. For me, the benefit of TRUST bytes is that they are available in so many different versions.

Plus, the sweet iron is great. I' m loved by my ponies!


I am William (Bill) Mielke and I am an AQHA Professional Horseman, as well as a Certified Resistance Free Trainer by Richard Shrake. I' ve always assisted other riders in selecting trail and competition gear. I' m looking forward to help you and your horse to better understand each other.

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