Horse Blanket


Rugs can provide valuable protection from sun, weather and insect-related hazards. Wrapping your horse comfortably in the paddock or stable. Buy our collection of horse blankets, fly sheets, switch carpets and coolers. Horse blanket or carpet is a blanket or animal fur designed to keep a horse or other horse warm or otherwise protected from the wind or other elements. Jeffers' large selection of horse blankets, horse blankets and turnout blankets for heat and weather protection.

Blankets - Switches, leaflets & stable blankets

Hold your horse comfortably in any kind of weathers with a wide range of horse covers and horse clothes for every time of year and every need. It' simple to find high end horse rugs that you'll like with top labels like Rider's International, Horseware®, WeatherBeeta®, Pessoa®, Kensington, Baker®, Sires and others in different shapes and colours.

When you are not sure what sizes you need, our guideline on how to test your horse for a blanket will help you!

Blankets and bed linen - Schneider's

Be it the death of hibernation or the dogs day of sommer, your horse probably needs some kind of shelter. Schneiders has all the necessary horse rugs, horse covers and mosquito napkins to keep your horse or barn or your barn or your barn soft, cosy and cozy.

When living in a cool environment, Schneiders wears watertight soft covers and cloths that keep your horse's fur away from ice and ice while isolating it from the coolers. The Schneider horse rugs are available in designs such as VTEK Wither Relief for highly bred Thoroughbred and Fitted V-Free for sloping shouldered and even foal rugs to keep them secure and fit indoors.

Keep your horse's fur safe, sound, clean and shining all year round with our stall covers and sheet. No matter if your horse is as small as a minature horse or as big as a draught horse, Schneiders has it (literally!) fitted with robust, high-quality covers that keep every horse hot and sober.

Schneider's soft ceilings have a watertight breathing activity that is far better than any other ceiling system on the marked. It is three time waterproofer than other ceilings and lasts up to 10 years, according to the kind of floor.

This blanket has a superb five shape blanket to hold almost any kind of horse, from stout quarters to long, slender thoroughbred and even minature and draughty. In spite of their high qualitiy and good fitting, Schneiders rugs are among the best on the marked, with unbelievably low price and quick delivery, as well as free delivery from an order value of $100.

Whichever one you decide on, you can be sure that your Schneider horse blanket will be delivered quickly and your budgets will be met.

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