Horse Blanket 72

Blanket 72

Blankets offer protection against cold, rain, sun or pests. 66" (105cm), 69" (115cm), 72" (125 cm), 75" (135 cm), 78" (145 cm), 81" (155 cm), 84" (165 cm), 87" (175 cm) and 90" (185 cm). Low (66-72), medium (75-78), large (81-84). The new blanket is available in sizes 69, 72, 75, 78, 81 and 84 in royal blue and purple. Only $69.

99 in sizes 72-82 for a limited time!

D-10704 Black Red Soft Waterproof Winter Horse Cover 72 82

That' exactly what you need to keep your horse hot and cosy this year! The highest-grade, heavy-duty soft ceilings are durable! Robust, watertight 1200 deniers shell and 350 grams of polyester filling keep your horse cosy and cuddly even in the coldest weather.

The blanket has a large pleat for mobility and a dual strap fastener with "easy snap" ties for a quick and comfortable blanket - even with mittens! The rugged cover is designed for heavy-duty use - dual seams on all belts, robust high-grade high-grade iron hard ware, no centre seams on the outside shell, abdominal belts, variable waist belts, tailgate, fleecesecurity, pleat at the shoulders for more mobility.

That blanket has everything! Rubber blanket specifications:

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Find out about the latest adverts for "horse blanket 72" in Ontario. Bourgogne West Pad (horse horse shape but small) - $5 Supra Rainsheet 600D (never used, tagged nor on) 72' - $80 Orange Westernshell (horse shape) - $15 Purple Zebra Fly Sheets 72' (used.....

Ceiling #1: can be set to 70"-72". Sixty-dollar blanket two....had to put my horse down. For information please do not hesitate to ask me for blankets from 72-78 bridles are all full sized and halter kits are 4 1/2- 4 3/4 saddles is an 18' strap, gripin... 78 " Chilled Blanket-$30.00 66 " Outdoor Winters Blanket-$20.00 80" Switches $40.00 Sells 60 " Outdoor FLIES Mesh-5.00 72" Blue FLIESHEET-$20.00 Soldiers Lg Neck FLIES Mesh-$10.00 Dublin Half Nylon....

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