Horse Blanket Cleaning

Cleaning of horse blankets

Throughout the year we clean, impregnate and repair horse blankets, switches and much more. Cleaning of horse blankets Washing, impregnating and repairing Washington Seattle Horse blanket laundry. We offer a wide range of top of the range cleaning, weather protection, knife resharpening and blanket repairs. We' ll also take charge of horse rugs, cooler, saddle pad, boot and some stickiness. You have the opportunity to take good charge of your horse rugs and horse clothing.

There is no need for a personal payment order, we meet the safety standards for payment cards.

We' ll let you know when your ceiling has been supplied. We' ll always take care of your ceilings. And if you're not entirely happy with your blanket, we'll do it right - or we' ll give you a full money-back! Give 206.390.0016 to make an appointment today! Regular pick-up and drop-off points are planned in Auburn, Enumclaw, Duvall and Carnation, Monroe, Snohomish, Arlington, Burlington and Mt Vernon.

Please see our service page for a listing of our drop-off sites by itinerary. Laundry day print. Pick-up and shipment to your premises is also available with a minimal number of ceilings.

equine TLC - horse washing and repairs in Dickerson, MD.

You can use the buttons on the right side "Horse Treats" to get some goodies for your horse! That'?s something your horse will thank you for. Dickerson, Maryland, Equine T.L.C. is a full-line horse blanket store and much more - I look forward to serve you! Free-of-charge collection and shipping up to 12 mile and for 20 points or more.

The cost for pick-up and shipping for less than 20 participants is $2 to $5 per article. Objects must be kept free for the service. Washing: $4-10Launder saddle pad, legwrap, etc. $5-15Hair remover for small fleece and wool, etc. Breathes wicks and water resistant materials. Purifies and deodorises without leaving an odour.

Help to make often laundered clothing last longer and help to maintain the impregnation that has been provided at the manufacturer. If your switch needs to be serviced in the midseason due to a necessary service, please let me know if I have previously serviced your switch. "Sealing Winter Switches" (PDF) - Reprint courtesy, Dressage Today, September 2011.

"How Do I Keep My White Saddle Pads White" (PDF) - Reprint courtesy, Dressage Today, July 2017. "Get the Most out of your Equipment" (PDF) - Reprint courtesy of the dressage today, April 2018. Adjust your crossover:

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