Horse Blanket Prices

Prices for horse blankets

For more details click here. Turnout waterproof blankets and sheets, sturdy blankets and sheets, slickers, coolers, blankets, therapeutic sheets and sheets. High-quality horse blankets, switches, sheets and fly screens are worth the investment. Our work is hard to keep our prices low and comfort for our customers high! The following blankets/bed linen are available: Price is without shipping costs.

Cleaning and repairs of horse blankets

We specialise in cleaning, repair and weather protection for your horses. Do not corrode ceilings, equipment and watertight material, biodegradable and GLOCAL! Sharpening clipper blade, stitching, leather repair, dog wash, towel service and other linen. The sacks (medium and large) can be used for all linen coming into our establishment.

price setting

Our work is to keep our prices low and comfort for our clients high! You get great value for money from pick-up and return options to reward programmes and easy return points. Pick-up and shipping to your site costs only a few bucks more per blanket than our wholesale rate.

The prices for collection and shipping depend on the place of collection and the overall number of printing plates in the order. Shipping costs are calculated according to the number of HBHQ to your shed ( "miles") using the latest German government rates. These costs are then allocated to the number of ceilings collected.

So the more covers you get for a journey, the more money you save! High Country Feed & Maher Feed dropping off points: You cannot get to our site in Wixom? You can pick up your horse clothes at Highland or Maher Feed for a little more! The horse clothing is carried to us, maintained and brought back to where it was given.

Orders for Highland and Maher food must be payed by telephone by credit cards before they are sent back to the food shed. Printout a FREE ASSISTANCE DAY and affix a trailer to each item of horse clothing handed in. Every item must have a day of servicing! I' m bringing in Volume Horse-wear: Receive great offers (10% discount) on laundry when you hand in 10 or more covers at our factory in Wixom!

Peggy's Horse Blankets is your one-stop store for all your blanket care and repairs needs.

Peggy's Horse Blankets is your one-stop store for all your blanket care and repairs needs. Blankets, bed linen and bonnets are a big capital expenditure and we can help you to keep them for a long while. The Tomball venue is situated directly on the western side of the track on Main St. (also known as FM 2920) at the eastern end of the city.

To collect your horse blanket and any parts you may have, please place them in a polythene sack together with the order sheet. We repair horse rugs for $5-20 per rucksack; we will get in touch with you if the rucksack repair costs more than $20. Copyright © 2012 Peggy's Rugs.

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