Horse Blanket Rack

Stands for horse blankets

Rubber blanket bars and pockets for storing your horse's blankets, sheets or coolers. Ceiling stand with hook. With the classic ceiling stand you can organize your tack room at home. That ceiling stand is amazing. I'm tired of having my horse blankets on the floor.

Horse-Blanket Racks | Horse-Blanket Bags

Organize your rugs when not used with a horse blanket stand. A ceiling shelf at the front of your barn is a great way to keep your ceilings within easy reach throughout the whole year, while a suspended or suspended ceiling shelf is a great place to suspend ceilings for drying or airing.

You will find the ideal horse blanket for what you need today!

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The organization and storage of horse rugs can take up an immense amount of time. Highly resilient ceiling/cooling shelves and coat hanger compress horse rugs and cloths in stables or stable-front. Are you looking for a better ceiling mount? Our padded and saddlecloth holders are an ideal way to organise and keep horse rugs in stable front panels or box.

It can also be used for horse blankets and saddles and significantly strengthens this equipment so that you can get the most out of the restricted area. The Easy Up ceiling and valance stands come with a 5-year guarantee and can be fixed to the walls or used as a mobile frame in trailer and semitrailer boxes.

They are also a good way to allow drying of damp mats and radiators. Ceiling brackets can be used to wash your room, both at home and on the move. Its extensible system supports both West and East European seats and padding, while you can customise the rack to optimise room and use. Choose a basis and then insert single rack or a 5-bar mat.

There is also a mobile swivel shelf in which ceilings and cushions are organised for simple labelling and simple acces. It' also a great dryer. It is made of thick stainless steels and can be used as a mobile shelf. Both the sturdy metal chassis and the hangar can be used alone or with Easy-Ups mainframe system.

Suspend it over a hanging gate or stable walls. It can be used to store rubber cloths and arches or to ventilate rubber cloths and pelmets. Horse clothing strips are a practical way of keeping covers and sheeting within easy reach and are particularly useful at the front of stables.

They are very stable and can accommodate switches, heavier winters, radiators and sheet. Try the upright rack for unparalleled space-saving storing of cumbersomeads. All 10 of the 10 arm can be swivelled so that all pods can be used. Easy Up has different types of blanket rods, from travelling blanket rods to light, foldable blanket rods to fold-out blanket rods.

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