Horse Blanket Snaps

Blanket Snaps

When your horse blanket has only a D-ring and a woven loop, we can design a leg strap with a press stud for you. Spare elastic leg loops for horse blankets. It works on any blanket with leg straps.

Orthopaedic Kensington Adjustable leg loops horse blanket

There is no need to fear that your horse blanket will fly up again with these easy-to-fasten thighs. With brasscovered snap fasteners at both ends, these spare loops are fully removable. Through Kensington Kensington is a family-owned company known for fashionable, high-quality horse goods in the USA.

In 1954 we started with the introduction of the first canvas turnout blanket and barback pads for the horse riding world. We have been helping to protect our clients from the weather and save horse lovers a lot of trouble and expense ever since. We are more than just another "pretty face", because innovation such as the proprietary protective film and Bug Eye Mask have made Kensington a leading company in the horse clothing world.

All our materials are subjected to strict controls at our head office in Southern California. We test all levels of shelf life to assure a guaranteed level of workmanship. We have such a close staff and a profound knowledge of the sector that we are able to provide all our clients with incomparable craft.

Today, as a national recognised horse trade mark, we are in the spotlight worldwide.

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Loving my beatherbeta for my ponies. To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline.

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Resilient 1 " Nylons with resilient centre. It will fit in any Brookside blanket. Sizes according to ceiling area. We recommend that all thighs of each blanket are replaced every year. It tends to be worn and stretched at the end of a year. Substitutes the normal cock band. Wrapped in resilient PVC, the string is easy to wash, more versatile and relieves the strain on the valves and belts.

Turns all your front buckled ceilings into fast fasteners. For every horse blanket of every dimension and every kind with buckles. The Brookside removable middle abdominal belt has an elastically and 2" variable slider. With pushbuttons at both ends, thus fully removable. The large upper opening makes it easy to insert ceilings, blades and radiators.

Ceiling repairs set with Rambo Stormsure adhesive and balistic nailpatch. Easy to use and suitable for very wide canes. It is easily attached to the front of the ceiling with the available belts for a snug fitting. A greatness for everyone.

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