Horse Blanket Straps

Riding harnesses

Replacement parts for every repair - breast extensions, spare leg loops and more! Nylon hind leg loops with elastic insert pair. Rugs accessories - Schneiders A lot of horse lovers like to spend money on a few extra things for laundry, repair and storage of horse rugs, and since these articles suffer a lot of abrasion in colder winters, it only makes perfect sojourn. No matter whether you are looking for a horse blanket cleaner set or a personalised label to keep an overview of which blanket fits which horse, Schneiders offers you high-quality, inexpensive horse blanket supplies for all kinds of cover.

Schneider provides horse blanket parts such as the Schneider Horse Blanket Careit. The set contains an individually adjustable strap that can be trimmed to match stumbling blocks or cracks, a blanket cleaner, a damp or damp odour killer and closure tapes that secure T-Lock closures. Schneider also sells each of these products individually, as well as large size washing and odour eliminators, impregnating solutions and water-repellent sprays.

Schneider also stocks ceiling equipment to help you better and more efficiently stock your horse blanket. Foldable staple rack helps you suspend your blanket after wash, while blanket rods provide continuous blanket retention and wearable blanket retention that you can take with you on shows or on the road. When you have several ponies and want to make sure that you can distinguish your covers, Schneider also provides personalised ID cards and personalised ID cards that you can customise with your horse's name, name and other your name.

Schneider even offers horse blanket attachments to help improve the horse's shape. Removable, reclining thigh straps can be simply cliped onto the ceiling, while hoods and neckbelt straps can be used to change or rebuild any straps that are damaged or used.

Spare leg loops

Spare leg loops have 1" strap with knobs at both ends. Evaluations on this website reflect the experiences of the various contributions. None of the articles published in the press section are accepted, edited or endorsed by us. Rather, the ratings are part of an on-line fellowship of pet owner who want to exchange their particular experiences with other people.

This is no replacement for talking about your pet's condition with a vet. Middle belts are 24 " - 33" and fits 74 - 78", big belts 26" - 36" and 80+.

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