Horse Blanket Weights

Weights of horse blankets

Most horses cope well with a medium-heavy or medium-heavy blanket. These can be critical for use on a fully circumcised horse in extreme cold weather conditions. We are asked one of the most common questions about the weight of the ceiling. Standard temperature guides for blanket weights. Woven outdoor soft blankets for horses must be both waterproof and breathable.

What is the best way to test your horse for a blanket?

A of the most common issues our support professionals are answering is the question of how to size a ceiling. When a blanket is too small, it can grate or limit motion. When a blanket is too big, your horse can walk on it or get caught in it. In order to test your horse, begin in the middle of the breast (A in the pictures below).

Walk around the broadest point of the horse's shoulders and continue along your horse's side to the point where it hits the horse's cock (B in the pictures below) along the floor. The printing cloths run either in 2" steps (American sizes: 66", 68", 70" etc.) or in 3" steps (European sizes: 66", 69", 72" etc.).

When your horse is falling between the different horse heights, we always suggest the next one. Or you may want to think about putting this blanket over other covers (if so, put in an inches or two ), or whether it is a piece of clothing when you put it over your back.

Above is a general guideline. However, the different makes of horse rugs can differ slightly, just as with people's clothing. These are some hints from the manufacturer about measurement for their brand: curvons (baker's blankets): Bakery ceilings run accurately to dimension. Walk from the middle of the breast (A) to the tip of the trunk (B).

HORSWARE (Rambo, Rhino, Amigo, Triple Crown): Horseware advises to take measurements from the middle of the horse's breast to the middle of the horse's cock and then pull off 4-inch. The Blue Ribbon ceilings run very accurately. From the middle of the breast to the point of the hindquarters where it hits the cock (points A to B).

When it is a ring article that you put over a nut (scrims, garments, knitwear, etc.), they suggest you go one step higher. aratoga Horseworks: The Saratoga mosquito nets are dimensionally accurate (measuring points A to B). When you are in between, go to the larger one. The table below is a useful guideline for the blanket sizes your horse can take according to his body measurements.

Please keep in mind that this is only a guideline. Horse back length and width influence the height your horse needs. It is always recommended to measure your horse.

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