Horse Blankets


A shop for horse blankets and bed linen from top brands, with free shipping on qualified orders, only from Schneiders. Pet Supplies online shopping from a wide selection of blankets, bedding, horse blankets and bedding & more at great prices. Buy our large selection of stable blankets, switches, sheets, cool boxes and Lycra hoods. With the best horse blankets: Rambo horse blankets, Wetterbeeta horse blankets, turnout blankets, pony blankets, Kensington and Shires horse blankets. You can find blankets and sheets for your horses at Teskey's.

Blankets, bed linen and cooler

Blankets provide shelter from the elements, insects and insects. Soft ceilings and ceilings are ideally suited for windy, rainy, cool and snowy environments and can be replaced with either heavy or soft versions according to season. Watertight protective plate is suitable for showering in early season. If you have a heavy soft rug with a full head or a full head, it is just the thing to survive a bad blizzard.

Blankets and blankets made of net or sieve cloth are ideally suited to protect your horse from direct sunlight and pests so that he can rest and heralded. Tissues are great for keeping bothersome, pungent beetles from disturbing your horse on the herd. A layer for cosy interior with horse clothes such as a smooth, hard-wearing stall rug or an attractive canvas.

If your horse is in the barn, a wadded quilt is the right selection for your horse's clothes. Heavy quilts with hood options and high necklines are perfect for those cool winters. Change to a more lightly upholstered, smooth, sturdy cover to provide an additional coat of heat and draught protection.

Cooler and bed linen ensure heat and humidity transfer after the ride and should be part of every saddlestud. Select light towels and blankets for transportation and make sure your horse gets to its next show in class. Quartersheets are a sensible option for warming or protecting your horse's back during colder season.

Blankets & bed linen

We have the horse apparel brand and style you need for year-round all-weather coverage, from watertight switches to stitched stall blankets and bedspreads. You will find a carpet for every horse with familiar horse blankets such as Horseware, Big Design and Centaur. To keep your horse safe and secure, we provide various insulating possibilities, style and colours.

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