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West Coast Style Surcingle and leg straps keep the blanket securely in place. Alina Horze summer weight jersey towel blanket / cooler. Here you will find many fly protection products in the area of clearance and sale. The best in horse blankets and fly sheets for horses at Drs. Foster &

Smith's online horse blanket accessories and equestrian products.

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Protecting your horse from flying is one of the most important problems in terms of your horse's well-being and well-being during the warm season. When you want to protect your horse from insects and even the ultraviolet radiation of the day, Schneiders offers a large choice of horse fly sheets and fly mask that provide incomparable levels of wearer safety and wearing comforts.

From the smallest mini-sized and pony to the biggest draught horse and every race in between, we have leaflets in the size to suit every horse. We also estimate our horse fly sheets at a price every horse lover can pay so you can stay within your budgets and still get the power you need.

If you opt for the right fly cloth, you must first select the right horse for your horse. Horse shoe dimensions vary from 66 to 86, but we also provide expanded shoe heights for smaller and bigger draught-dogs. Next, select the right materials to keep your horse comfy.

The nylon fabric is chilly and breatheable while providing fly shelter. Its glossy, reflecting finish also keeps the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation away from your horse's skins and keeps it cold even on the warmest days. It keeps flying away and offers 80% ultraviolet light and forms a protective layer against the smallest insect.

Available in a range of different horse towels in different horse and pony designs, and in different horse and draught horse designs to fit and fit. In addition to your fly protection methods, Schneiders also provides fly mask and veil to cover the horse's eyes, ear, nose or whole skull.

They are made from the same kinds of tough knitted fabric and hardwearing stock, and they come in your selection of classy colours or appealing printings and designs to make some enjoyment to your horse's clothing. Moskitonetz and Dura-Mesh fly boot are another clever supplement to your fly cloth and offer a protective layer against mosquitoes, insects and other insects on the horse's feet and thighs.

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