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The phenomenon of equestrian sport in races. The Horseboarding is an extreme sport that combines riding and mountain boarding. The Horseboarding is an extreme sport that combines riding and mountain boarding. A few helpful tips for horse boarding. These are some tips to help you get into a barn.

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Horse boarding is an extrem sports which combine horse back rides and MTB. On a horse, a horseman drags the snowboarder on an off-road SKATBOARD or CATB around a winding track in the shortest possible period of speed, achieving a speed of 28mph into the first turn. Towing the snowboarder is done by supporting a pull grip and a cable, which is fastened to the horse's seat by means of a special developed girth and an easy to detach fast tensioning system.

It is an easily learned and enjoyable activity as the crews let their horse canter across the track while the boarders try to grab a grip. This is a challenging task they often don't master, so be ready to see some amazing boarders crashing! Throughout your Living Heritage Country Fair you will experience riding in two arenas: the Novice and Intermediate in the Countryside Arena, while the elite in the Andy Singleton Arenaf compete for all the important points in the Championships and the World Leader rank.

Equestrian sports were developed in the UK and are now expanding around the globe, with the UK National Championships playing a pioneering role. There are three Guinness champions within the groups you will see at our shows. Have a look at the crews participating in the International Horse Show in Odense, Denmark, in October last year, travelling to Holland as part of a European tour.

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Horse boarding is the idea of "extreme rider" Daniel Fowler-Prime and has gained rapid success in the last 10 years. Sports consist of being on a mountain board - similar to a rollerboard - and grabbing a grip that is fastened to the horse's back with a small strap.

Mister Fowler Prime, of Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire, said the game was rooted in an impetuous act that took place in 2004. Having trained some of his horse for a colleague, Mr Fowler-Prime observed his colleague attaching a cable to the rear of a vehicle, climbing onto a wooden plank and running around a pitch.

Mr Fowler-Prime had "ideas in his head", and riding was made with the help of his sibling Tom Kilroy. "It' a great conversation because there is a high probability that the boarder will drop and everyone will like to see it," said Mr. Fowler-Prime. "It' just one plane crashed after another.

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