Horse Boarding Contract

equine pension contract

The boarder assures and guarantees that they are the owner of the record of Horse,. This is something every owner of equestrian facilities should be familiar with. The pension contract template can be used by a stable as a legal agreement prior to the acceptance of horses for the retirement of new customers. Equine pension contract and release from liability.

Horse-boarding contract Template Download Free Sample

The horse pension contract is concluded from[contract. creation date] by and between[sender. company], "stable" and[customer. name], "customer". The barn undertakes to feed the horse(s) specified in this contract on a regular weekly base. The customer also undertakes to pay in full the horse pension charges in accordance with the provisions of this contract.

For the following clients the stables must be fed: The charts in this section of the pattern allow your customer to see the detail of the horse he wants to enter. To enter more than two ponies, click on the small tab, click on the symbol with the three points in the right hand side menue and click on "Duplicate block".

For each horse booked, the following charges are to be payed by the customer to the stable. PANDA TIP: Use the following chart to show the boarding charges to be payed by the customer. Make sure to modify the "QTY" columns so that the number of ponies going on board is shown exactly. If you need extra inoculations for customer ponies, please see this section of the pattern.

Before bringing his horse(s) into the stable, the customer must prove the following vaccinations:

The equipment and staff of the stable are fully covered under the statutory provisions, but not the customers' ponies. He undertakes to be fully liable for the horse's well-being and wellbeing. In addition, the customer undertakes to keep the stable free of damages and lawsuits.

In case the horse subject to this contract requires health assistance, the stable will try to call the client. If the client is not available, the stable retains the right to ensure the veterinarian treatment of the horse or the horse subject to this pension contract. The customer alone shall bear all expenses associated with such diligence, without restriction.

The horse pension contract is continued from monthly to monthly. You may terminate this contract at any moment by payment of the horse pension and removal of the horse(s) from the stable. PANDA TIP: Your customer signs the horse pension contract using the appropriate boxes at the bottom of this page.

After signature, this contract can be download as downloadable file for submission. With his signature the customer confirms the reception and the comprehension of the conditions of this horse pension contract and commits himself to keep these without reservation.

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