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The Ellrick Farm is a full-care horse pension that offers riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders. The Camelot Farms Equestrian Center, where we make riders' dreams come true. Horse pension in Delray Beach, FL.

We have a coach who can help you reach your targets, from the beginners to the top-rider!

We have a coach who can help you reach your objectives, from the beginners to the top-rider! Knowing how important it is to find and work with the coach you are contacting. There are several in-house instructors with expertise in various fields, or you are welcome to attend your own insurance instructor.

Looking for day-to-day participation, clean waters, grass-covered pads and caring for your children? Because of the altitude and the ground in our paddock a fast dewatering and relatively little sludge is possible. And we know your horse will. Looking not only for a boarding school, but also for a fellowship that supports and encourages you?

King of the Winds has a very energetic group of boarder practicing many different sports. In spite of the different equestrian practices, our fellowship is one in which both horse and man flourish.

Cameleot Farms Equestrian Center - Rocky Mountain Horses, horseback rides, horseback rides, stables, horse breeding, horse lessons Beaufort SC

The Camelot Farms Equestrian Center is situated on the Isle of Saint Helena in the lowlands of South Carolina. Saint-Helena is an archipelago full of historical and beautiful sights and is home to a centuries-old people. At Camelot Farms we want to support and preserve this way of farming on our 70 hectare estate.

Saint-Helena is 20 min from Beaufort, the centre of the SC. Situated between Dataw and Fripp Islands, our farm is only five leagues from Hunting Iceland State Park. A lot of visitors find their way to our lovely little village to spend their holidays and to see the many historic places in the area.

Chronologically beautiful moss-covered streets are the ideal backdrop for a horse-riding. A lot of filmproduction firms have decided for our romantical islands. We at Camelot Farms are proud to have provided the motion picture business with both location and quality trails. At Camelot Farms we have two nature trails.

In our pension programme you are welcome to see all races of horse. Stables and pastures for the maintenance of your horse. You don't have a horse? Rocky Mountain and Tennessee Nordic Horse breeding, and we usually have a few of them in different phases of exercise. Should you not be willing to buy, we also provide part or full rental of your possession.

Have a look at our website and see our wonderful flat country and us.

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