Horse Book Series for young Readers

Series of horse books for young readers

Explore the best Teen & Young Adult Equestrian Fiction in Best Sellers. These are our best horse books for teenagers and adults. A perfect introduction to these incredible animals or a reference for long-time horse lovers, this book is ideal for teenagers. The series, which combines adventure, life experiences and realistic horse experiences, is a must for readers who love family values, Christian beliefs and of course horses!

And Sewell wrote the book for horses, not children.

The YA Horse Book writers you should know

Robins Tudor organizes a horse related blogs trip where every single night a different visitor contribution and a promotional or givingaway (books and other freebies) are published. McGoldrick and Tudor Robins. To go to the Horse Book Author Blogs page or to browse biographies of authors and photographs, click on Horse Book Author Blogs page.

However, all it needed was the right trainer and the right horse and she was thrilled all her lives. While Maggie learnt how to take care of a horse, how to turn it around and how to get dirty, she also got to see the star in operation. Maggie, a native and brought up near London, now lives on the coast of Connecticut, where she splits her days between hang out with the family's horse and write her next book in her beloved series for intermediate readers, the Timber Ridge Riders.

Johns Barbara was bred in New York City, but now resides at the Black Cat Farm in New England with her new filly Ziggy and other creatures. She envisioned a carreer as a globus hopping photo journalist and realized after graduating from school that her hops muscle was not the world' s greatest, so she turned to typing. Barbara's Bittersweet Farm Series for young grown-ups was a great hit.

Books 8, Tee Keks, was published on Amazon in August and already has readers screaming for book 9. Find out more at or Bittersweet Farm on Facebook. Following 20 years of working with innumerable equines in half a dozen different events, Natalie Keller Reinert put her seat away, put her legs on the zipper log and sat down to work.

Adventure bloggers who write about retired racehorses would ultimately result in them creating fictions about horse race lifes. Launched in 2011, The Head and Not The Heart marks the beginning of the Alex and Alexander series, a modern day series of fictions specifically designed for riders. By 2014, Book 2 in the Other People's Horses series had been nominated semi-finalist for the renowned Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award, which recognizes full-length horse race series.

Their Heroines on Horseback series consists of individuals who derive their strengths from their relationship with their horse. If she doesn't write about a horse, she follows her other favourite field and plans a Disney holiday as a consultant for Glass Slipper Concierge. As well as novelists, Kim has authored for many horse journals, such as The Chronicle of the Horse and Practical Horseman.

It has rated the Washington International Horse Show Junior Equitation Final, the Capital Challenge, the Winter Equestrian Festival, Lake Placid, the Vermont Summer Festival and many other major shows. She' s writing what she knows - Horse. She is a horse coach and equestrian teacher who leads the living world that she is writing about.

Most of the time she can be found on her small horse ranch in Alpharetta, Georgia and is still hunting the dreams. It says that every single one of the nights she can ride a good horse or train a gifted pupil is a good one. More about Karen can be found at and As Karen and her man migrated to Virginia in the north a few years ago, she found that the historic hunting land is lively and good - and very inviting.

Soon Karen began to produce photographic assays for her hunting colleagues and soon became professionally. Their work has been featured in Virginia Sportsman, The Chronicle of the Horse, Covertside, and other sports magazines, bulletins, calendars, and more. Robins is an Ottawa-based young grown-up whose first novel, Object in Mirror, was voted best book for children and youth by the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

At Tudor we love to read, write, ride and spend our free days on Wolfe Island with her husbands and two boys. When Tudor was six years old, she began to ask her parent for equestrian instruction, and when she was eight years old, she began the school. Since then she has constantly rode and had some funny horse related job, as well as the preparation of whole bloods for the Keeneland vintage sale.

It is Tudor who likes to use her literacy and riding backgrounds to create the kind of book she used to like as a young horsewoman and bookwright. The connection with the readers is one of Tudor's favourite pastimes.

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