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I woke up one morning from this dream I've had for a year. There are some popular horse books here to run. Free horse books online downloading and reading Many free horse books are available on-line that you can read on your Kobo, Kindle, or other e-reader. The way we think about horse and what we know about their grooming and good condition has change. However, in many of these books you will find well-founded knowledge and the root causes of many of our maintenance and exercise techniques.

You will also find a lot of horse excitement and memories that...make reading MORE enjoyable and give an interesting insight into the times when horse riding was a much bigger part of our life. Like the Kobo eBook stores, the Kindle eBook stores have many of the same choices.

Naturally the Amazonas shop is full of books of fiction to buy, but there are also some free finds: You will find here many of the same books you find about the Gutenberg project and others, as the collection contains text from many different Canada and America library, university and culture collection.

The John A. Seaverns Equine Collections is one of the most remarkable horse lover galleries. Approximately 1500 available books are from the 6600 books available, covering all aspects of horse caring, crushing, racing, shooting, martial arts, riding and carriages, animal husbandry and justice.

A lot of locals provide service such as on the go and pulse books that allow customers to buy e-books just like a real one. The Ebsco Host has recently published books on horse grooming, races of the day, improvement of horse health and security, to name a few.

Another Library e-book resource offers many literary and non-fiction books.

Let's go, reader! Best horse books for children from 8 - 12 years old

While I was in primary college, I was riding a swaying Arab called Charlie. I never got the legendary bangs, but I still liked them. When I was 8, 10 and 12 years old, I felt less free and lonely with myself than on the back of a horse that galloped alongside one of my best mates.

The next best thing you can ride on one of these great animals is to read about them in books. There are some popular horse books here to run. He is a classical black stallion and for good reasons. Launched in 1941, the history is timeless and exciting.

When he was a youngster, Ramsey was wrecked on a desert isle with a ferocious horse. The Black Stallion and Colonel are coming to establish a unique marriage that will last for eternity - and for innumerable continuations. This is another classics, wrote and put in London in the 19 th centuries and tells from the point of the horse.

Reading it, I didn't quite see this volume as a paper against torture of animals - although infants know unrighteousness when they see it (or are reading about it). Whilst there are different editions of Black Beauty, try to find the genuine Sewell that teaches youngsters the real importance of friendliness.

Newbery Honor books, not that I knew it when I was reading them. For me it was just the history of a horse with the 80's horse name: Misty. Just like the Black Stallion, this one starts with a wreck, this one off the Virginia coastline. Until today I can remember how amazed I was about the name - Chincoteague, Assateague - and that it was somehow rooted in a truth.

Henry, as every horse enthusiast knows, is your contact as a writer. They also wrote the Newbery Award-winning King of the Wind, Justin Morgan Had a Horse and Brighty of the Grand Canyon, each of which, like Misty of Chincoteague, was transformed into films, as well as other fog-related continuations like Sea Star and Stormy, Misty's foals - nearly 60 books in total, and most of them about their passion for horses. Misty's foals are the most famous of all.

Horse enthusiasts of the Magic Tree House range will find Starlight's stable the ideal partner. Jack and Annie travel through history in search of Merlin and meet Alexander the Great and a ferocious dark horse in this novel, part of the Magic Tree House Merlin Missioneries.

Stallion by Starlight's Horse Heroes is the non-fiction guide to Stallion by Starlight, with tales of celebrity horse owners and other facts for horse-owners. To be honest, I know this story better from the Elizabeth Taylor film than the story itself. Up-and-coming horse lovers should know the great underground history of the thoroughbred Seabiscuit racing horse - and its competition against the war admiral for centuries - by heart. That' s why we are proud to present you the Seabiscuit.

During the First World War, the history of a soft horse, Joey, takes place here - and like Black Beauty, it is narrated from the horse's POV. When Joey is away from his first lord, a little peasant Albert, he experiences the terror of battle before the two are united.

In 2011 Steven Spielberg published a film basing on the film. The Charlotte Parkhurst is a wildcat that grew up in an abandoned boy's home that deals with horse. A play of historic narrative inspired by the real history of Charlotte Parkhurst, who was the first female to choose in California.

Munoz Ryan is also the writer of another horse lover's novel, Pain the Winds. Like Marguerite Henry and Walter Farley, Will James has written a lot about the horse - his sets only in the American West. The Winter Horse takes up some difficult themes for the more seasoned readers of the intermediate class, or those aged 12 and over: namely nationalists.

It is 1941, in Ukraine, and Kalinka is an abandoned Jew who hides in a protected area, among the Przewalski horse, their only friend. Unless your child's thing is his or her own imagination, don't be afraid - there are many fact-based, encyclopaedic guidebooks through the horse kingdom, among them this practical (har har har har ) paperback containing more than 125 races.

Which other books would you suggest to young horse enthusiasts?

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