Horse Books for Teenage Girls

Equine books for teenage girls

Girl Who Remembered Horses Here are a few popular horse books to get them started. Join Isabel and her horse Starlight on faith mysteries. Teenage books from the '80s? YA lights up Does anyone recall beloved books for teenage girls from the 80'? The Sweet Dreams show from the 80' was quite a hit and I recall.

... The Saddle Club, Treehouse Times, Baby-Sitter Club, newer releases of Nancy Drew (made new each generation), Pee-Wee Scouts, Wayside School, Anastasia, Tillerman Serie (at least one of the books in this book was a Newbery honor).

Maybe not quite 80' s, some early 90' s, but those are songs I recall when I was in primary education and 81 was birth. Babysitter's club books and Nancy Drew's books have been reworked into fairly good graphics fiction that still retain the feeling of the originals. V. C. Andrews TV show.

From a technical point of view it was not intended for teenagers, but when I was 14 and 15 years old (1986 and 1987), every little gal I knew had at least 1 of them in them. Several girls were totally hooked on them. One was about a college-aged fang who goes to evening classes - reading in 84.

Two was about a puppet that owned the mannequin - probably 82 in all. Beginning of the 80s - Yes, the Sweet Dreams Romantic Books, which contained some mini-series as well as the First Love from Silhouette Romantic Books. And there were also the Wildfire books, which were mostly novels. Writers I recall without looking at them - Judy Blume, Maureen Daly, Maud Johnson,, and I can give you more when I search.

I' ve looked through my First Love books and listed them here in my own book collection like I do. As I recall, I did actually study the Attic Series when I had never done anything like this before. The Pikes I didn't see - I hadn't fallen into that kind of terror.

A few of the other shows I recall from the late 80' s, but I was too old for them then. V. C. Andrews was very beloved, and Judy Blume and Paula Danzinger, and H. E. Hinton, although they were not released in the 80'. When I was in third form, I was reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, so I don't consider them teenage books.

Nancy Garden's classical homosexual Coming-of-Age novel (1982), which was reprinted just a few years ago in a pocket book on the occasion of the 25-year jubilee with an interviewee with the writer. These damn V.C. Andrews books were very much in demand at my highschool. She is 8 years younger and still has her Christopher Pike books from the early 90'.

The Alanna books of Tamora Pierce began in the 1980s. I' m trying to recall the name of a teenage romantic novel I was reading either in the Late 80' or early 90'. That'?s what I recall from that story: One teenager is on holiday with her loved ones in Spain or Mexico (I think it's Spain), and she encounters two different types who were born in that state.

Somehow one is shy/moody, but sincere, and the other is more liked, but also a gambler. There is a point in the story where the timid fellow and the little gal are on a trek somewhere and he takes them to a place where thousand of monarch-butterflies have gathered in the tree, and he shows her how to rest so that the bunch of bunch of butterflies end up on her.

When someone else has finished this volume and recalls the name, I would be very happy to know what it is. Hopefully you'll find the manuscript! As a native of 87, I am reading many 80' YA/kids stories, while I grew up in the 90'. Also for some sort of reasons, when I was ten years old, I was possessed by these Lurlene McDaniel books about children suffering from cancers, etc..

Choosing your Own Adventure books were definitely the ones I started looking at in the 80's..... Personally, I recall trying to make books about them and having a difficult job because the history could be so many different things. And all the children who stared at me with big eyes because the books were so fat!

l was birthed in 1980... so many books to be remembered! Culin Charlotte was writing an awesome first novel that touches my soul and then falls off the face of the world. I' m trying to recall a story line that I was reading in the 1980s...similar to Flower's in the ATIC series...about a little gal who had secret stories and was of the books took place in a bayside, I think...?

And I don't recall a baayou, but they used to live in the Ozarks, I think? I' ve always liked this show better than FitA. ETA: I recall there were a lot of baby Heaven Leigh back then, after that little baby album. Well, how could I have forgotten it was a VC Andrews show! I used to be reading V.C. Andrews' Volume 1, but never wanted to know what was happening when the protagonist was older.

It was the only show I ever did all five books in. It' hilarious how I could imagine the artwork, but I had no memory of the song or the writer! It' hilarious that I just posted a piece on the blogs, so I saw the explanation, but I never did it myself. I' m completely possessed by the idea of locating this one.

I' m looking for a novel I was reading in the early '80s. Uncertain whether at that point was regarded as a "teenage book" or more of a Romance novel for adult readers. Does anyone recall the name or know how I found it? Do any of you recall this teenage little eighties work?

Thought it was always referred to as a ''mirror'', but I can't find it under that name. I think they should have been twins if I remember rightly, but they could have been twins living in different areas. One of the maiden nicknames seems to have been her.

A German by the name of Erich Kästner is the writer of the novel on which the film is founded (Das doublete Lottchen), and it looks as if there is an Anglophone novel translated into German under the heading Lottie und Lisa. You think you ever reread a tie-in issue on 1961 film making in the '80s?

Many books she has written about young people with cancers. Love the Lurlene McDaniel books, too. I' m trying to recall this teenage romantic novel from the ' 80s. I try to find a teenage love story from the 80s, a teenage little gal spending the summers on Mackinac Iceland with her (?) wealthy cops?

Does anyone recall that? Thank you #11 only recalled the P.S. song. I just loved you, not the writer and Google wasn't a big help but always pointed to the newer movie/book. Yeah, VC Andrews was loved because it was off-limits. Apparently someone in the year (we were 11/12) was busted circulation their books, and there was a whole gathering summoned to alert the college about how awful it was to be reading such a thing.

Honestly, I had bad dreams after having seen VC Andrews, and I never really saw Anais Nin because it was too overpowering. Most of my teenage Romantic years were inhabited by Nancy Drew, up to the point where she contemplated leaving Ned? I can' t recall her friend's name for this rock star, plus Sweet Valley High - trippy and completely LOL.

Cleared out my parents' loft and found my entire Couples range. About 40 books were written and each one concentrated on a different pair. They all went to the same HS, so they all showed up in the books and the show just went on when one grade finished, they purchased more people.

and I think everyone reads "Forever." I' ve been reading a great deal about John Saul and VC Andrews above. I wasn't conscious of how comprehensive the "Couples" show had become in their time until recently! I've been reading, loving, and still loving the first three (actually just reread #1 last weekend).

as a teenager my autograph line was "Seniors"... i gathered them when they were released from class 8 or my first year of study, and have the whole kit to this date... i also had some from the adorable dream and capprice collection - so many great books for teenagers were created from the 80'!

I' m looking for a novel for my 1980s girl. Teenage romantic. Then she goes into her room to take her dresses and pullovers, puts on her make-up (especially eye shadow and I'm not sure why I still recall this part). Can' recall much more action than that. Wildfire Rossi, Windswept and Wishing Star were my favourites.

When I was a child, I used to collect the whole show. These girls were actually twins who were split at childbirth because their families passed away and took them in. Hey, I'm looking for a YA shorthand library. Only three books were in this show, but most of them had the same figures.

There was a slogan on the first of the books that went a little like "What's a clever little gal like _______ doing with a jolt like Josh". I think Josh was quite technically versed and he and what's her name would unlock secrets together.

The other books I was reading from the 80s were The Sweet Valley High, Chrystal Falls and Cheerleaders Series.

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