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Developing a happy, willing, balanced Western horse. Books about horses, DVDs about horses, gifts and clothing for horse owners, horse trainers, dressage riders, western riders and all horse lovers! All those who love horse books, horse films and above all horses. Online Name Book allows you to check a name to determine if it is currently in use or otherwise unavailable.


Hold it! Don't adapt the ground rods! Christopher Hess is judge of the FEI "I" in eventing and training. For more than three years Susan Kauffmann has been active in the horse business..... Much of Anja Beran's early life was spent playing in her grandfather's castle..... Register to receive promotions and updates on our writers, horse books and DVD's.

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Books On Horse offers over 1,000 discount equestrian book and DVDs from well-known publishing houses such as Cadmos, Pferdia TV, Kenilworth Press, J.A.ALLEN, Half Halt Press, Pony Club Books and Trafalgar Square Books. For almost seventy years George Morris has been present on the rare stages of the world' s top riders.

Representing the United States as an athlete and trainer, he has taught in one way or another many of the world's best riders and woman riders. However, as much as George Morris's face is known and respected by men, he has in other ways led a remarkable privately led existence and led his own struggle - with uncertainty, ambitions and charity - behind locked gates.

Only now has he decided, in his own words, to divide the whole of his whole lifetime - the general and unbelievably personal - with the rest of the family.

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Click here for 30 great horse films. Click here for 30 great horse rhymes. There are 30 great horse books here. Nice pictures catch the ghost of the horse from the wacky editor Willow Creek Press. An equestrian children's guidebook created from the horse's perspective with charms and humour.

Horseloving best buddies are sharing enough equestrian adventure in Pine Hollow to fill more than 100 books. Young girls win a horse in a draw, train it and ride it in the Grand National obstacle course. Black StallionBy Walter FarleyShipwreck on an Isle Together, an Arab Horse and a Boys Federation.

From Laura Hillenbrand Contemporary Meisterwerk to the small stallion foal that became an iconic U.S. motor sport horse when the nation needed him most. Marguerite HenryAm Pony Penning Poundup becomes the adored animal of two juvenile and a adored painting of equine juvenile everywhere. Romantic, cosmopolitan, modern westerns between a hard-boiled rider and a friendly prof.

As JoBeth spent a little bit of free French speaking with her deceased sister's horse, Riono, she learned that she and her little brother were not as different as she thought. Dressing masters illustrate the perfect evolution of a horse through the steps. Featuring a character-driven novel that take the readers on a savage journey from California to Kentucky to Paris with the high-stakes horse race sport play.

The first and last words about horse education from one of the men who began it all in recent years. Anna SewellTold, Black BeautyBy, directly from the horse's lips, Black Beauty's turbulent lifestyle in Victorian England. This is one of the first books to focus on the well-being of horses.

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