Horse Books to Read

Reading horse books

Are there any particular aspects of horses that you would like to read about? Well, some of the best horse books you can read this summer. View and share your reviews. This summer, if you're just gonna read a book, make it this summer.

Reading horse books this sommer | Suffolk and Essex Lifestyle News

Your vacation is the ideal opportunity to read a horse-like story that you may not have had enough of during the year. Grant proposes some books to try out, along with some ideas for younger fanatics. If you are packing for your vacation, let a little space in your case for one or two books.

There is no lack of horse-related literature to select from in different styles. Horse-whisper Nicholas Evans. Traumatized by the crash, they journey with Grace's dam Annie to find a "whisperer" in Montana, with the ability to heal restless horse. Certainly the concept of page-turner was coined for this brillant work.

Hearts of the horses, Molly Gloss. The Hearts of Horses recounts the tale of Martha Lessen, who shows up at a Oregon ranch looking for a job while many of the men fight in the First World War. Here's a short description of the life of Martha Lessen. It is a nice tale of a man trying to make it into the man's life, but on his own conditions.

It is also the history of humans and beasts that she encounters and how her whole life interacts in the most touching way. Horsey Life, Simon Barnes. Like everything Mr. Barnes has ever wrote, this novel is beautifully finished and the tale it recounts is of his exceptional rapport with a wild, tireless, enigmatic - and sometimes madly erratic - filly named Dolly Dolores VII that anyone who has ever possessed a horse can refer to.

At the age of 16, Clover's loving mom had a terrible horse ride in which her permanent brains were injured. Was Horse recounts the tale of Albert and his loved horse Joey during the First World war. The best way to read is with lots of handkerchiefs at your fingertips. 15-year-old Casey Blue is living in East London's fiercest skyscraper, but her dreams are to triumph over the Badminton Horse Trials.

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