Horse Boots


Are you looking for the right pair of horse boots? We have everything from cross-country to open boots. Trustworthy authority in hoof shoes. You have heard the expression "no hoof, no horse" and how true it is. Pro Choice Secure Fit Overreach Boots - Glitter Pattern.

The Cavallo boot - The most trustworthy boots in the world!

Since the invention of the horseshoe made of steel some 1,000 years ago, the technique has come a long way. The Cavallo shoes are manufactured with the most modern, shock-absorbing material in technically progressive design - for your and your horse's well-being, strength and security. Your horse's hoofs are naturally cushioned shocks that stretch on collision to relieve tension.

In contrast to metallic shoes, boots enable the hooves to achieve the expansion desired by Mother nature, improve the blood flow to the hooves and reduce the stress on the support musculature and tendons. The best thing about it is that the boots should be taken off after a horseback riding, so that your horse can unwind barefooted after a strenuous workday.

What boots are best suited for trail cycling? Good boots are made of a thick, supple and sturdy uppers. He should be able to conveniently coat the horse's hooves and be easy to secure. It' safely combined with a durable soles that supports and protects the barefooter at any pace over and through any type of ground.

It should be easy and fast to put on a good shoe. This should go through the whole area and only go off if YOU want to take it off, not drop off when you are on a trip. With Cavallo Boots you can drive on any type of ground at any pace.

They do not require any specific mouldings or mouldings. Today, Cavallo Total Comfort System seat cushions are the best seat cushions in the world. I' ve used the Simple Court Boots on all three of our ponies for the last 4 years. I' m letting my ponies go barefooted, but when we go into the Tetons, I always boots them.

We' ve never had a Cavallo boots or a wound to the legs of my horse. I am 64 years old and rely on my horse to take me to and from these unbelievable hills in safety. With the boots, I don't have to be worried about going out 10 or 15 leagues because my horse has dropped a pair of shoes.

Thank you Cavallo, for a shoe that even a more experienced (old) woman can get in and out of without problems.

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