Horse Boots and Wraps

Riding boots and wraps

Safeguard your horse with our inexpensive boots, bandages and horse leg wraps from Mary's Tack. Boots and compresses can help reduce inflammation and keep your horse's muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons loose. Horses leg wraps, transport boots, bandages & more Safeguard your horse with our inexpensive boots, wraps and horse bone wraps from Mary's Tock. In order to prevent injury to your feet, we have boots for protection, bells, riding boots and mail-order boots. Select riding boots made of cowhide or bootees padded with fleece.

These boots prevent bugs from getting into your pet's feet.

We also have supports, compresses and special boots for horse bones and assistance. We offer a wide range of boots for small and big horse, open boots, pole boots, ankle boots and chord boots. Horseshoes for barefooted riders and Icetherapy boots to relieve bruising and other small wounds.

Buy our soak boots for the treatment of sores, our ceramics boots and special magnet boots to help alleviate inflammations and shorten recovery-times. With our low-cost wraps and wraps you can keep your horse safe in the stable, during training or when trailers are used. Horse supports are often bought in large quantities to keep ready for injury, strain, assistance and medication.

When you take your horse with you to ride or show off, our durable horse transport boots with smooth lining offer shelter in the trailers and are faster to put on and take off than conventional wraps. Consider also to invest in horse stockings for ponies with delicate feet that are easy to rub or irritate.

Have your horse pads handy at Mary's with our low-cost dressing rolls and frames. And because we also like our own animals, we have developed an accessible range of renowned equine horsefood, conditioning and deworming agents and vitamins. There are also horse certified games and delicacies. When you have a question about horse injury or general horse healthcare, please contact our kind in-house team.

Since the opening of our South California based company in 1963, we have been committed to delivering the best quality horse and rider care in the market.

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