Horse Breast Collar parts

Equestrian breast collar parts

Chest collar - chest collar parts. Perspective - Extra long chest collar straps. Spare parts for the Dura-Last Tail Set from Blue Ribbon.

Can you tell me the point of a chest collar? Horse trailers, saddles, ropes & rope accessories, tack & leg gear

The collar should avoid the seat sliding back on the horse. The bridle is around the horse's shoulder and breast area. Parts of a breast collar comprise the breastplate, rigging or towing tug and the binding belt or middle belt. The collar is attached to both sides of the coat with a ring or slit on one side of the pad.

Binding or middle belt is placed between the front of the horse and attached to the D-ring on the front belt. When placing the collar, make sure that the breast panel meets the centre of the horse's breast so that it is balanced on both sides. On each side of the collar there are adjustment possibilities, which make it possible to tighten or loosen the horse, so that it sits correctly.

When the collar is not in the middle of the horse's breast, it can cause rubbing, which is unpleasant for the horse and can cause a wound. Do you want the collar over your horse's shoulders so that it does not restrict your horse's movements?

I wanted you to be able to put your hands under your collar. Also make sure that the binding belt or middle belt is not too close between the horse's front limbs, you should be able to place your hands between the belt and the horse. Chest collar made of different materials.

The chest collar is one dimension, as they are adjustable on both sides of the rope. When the collar is too big, a withers belt is a great sticky part. He lifts the chest collar back into the right place so that it functions well.

Chest collar can vary in width from one to four inch and it will depend on what you do with your horse to choose the collar that suits you best.

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