Horse Breeder near me

Breeders near me

Known for breeding and producing riding ponies, show ponies, show hunter ponies, hacks, riding horses and hunters. Locate breeding farms in your area with our online breeders and breeding directory. It is free to add your farm if you want to breed horses and be part of it. The part of the vagina near the cervix is blocked with blood just before the oestrus. Superfast" are the kind on which we have built our breeding program for several years.

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Stanley Grange was founded in 1975 in the magnificent North Yorkshire landscape and is now one of the UK's premier stud farms. Known for bred and produced equestrian stallions, show stallions, show hunter horses, hacks, saddle horses and hunters. Numerous stallions were sold to Australia, Europe and America and were successfully marketed.

You can find more information about the maturing fillies under Mare at the mareage. It' amenities include an extensive street map and Newcastle and Leed Bradford airports, which are within walking distance.

We' re working really hardworking to help an extraordinary breed.

We' re working really hardworking to help an extraordinary breed. There is a large choice of young to Grand Prix horse. They are unsurpassed and the horse's performance and horse care leave no room for doubts that these stud farms are noticed by many.

It' very interesting to work together and talk about breed programmes and the development of sports horse.

heavy>Breeder & producer of quality sport horses

Breed from tried-and-tested broodmares with world-class breeders to get the best possible foal. With two of its own stud farms, Millfield Stud is a very effective artificial insemination (AI) center specializing in complex broodmares that require deep freeze sperm and embryo transfer (ET). Have a look at our current sales horse and learn more.....

We have Fosshey Stables & Hanoverian Stud Farm Horses

The Fosshey Stableungen & Hannoveraner Gestüt are the only stud in the Northwest. Our full life style horse riding is a first rate experience and we are experienced in handling back and troubled horse. In addition, we provide a comprehensive support program with Reiki therapy, horse whispers and rehab. They were founded in 2000 by the owners Ian and Sandra Tinker.

Today we have just as much pleasure in seeing the young that we are breeding. We started our breeding and mareservice in 2004 and we are offering purebred Hannoverian thoroughbred Hanoverians from the best breeding lines in Germany. Our stable and live stock facilities are very attentive, and include vacation and school live shows for improving, supporting or helping out.

Also we specialize in integrated therapies such as Reiki-cure, horse whisperings and rehab. Furthermore we raise Hannoverian ponies and have several youngorses. Since 2004 we have chosen a number of broodmares from Germany and started importing sperm from hand-picked sires.

With our offspring we have won the Hanoverian Championship three time, among others with the Supreme Show Champion 2013. You can also choose a mareservice - from filly to filly.

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