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This Arabian horse has long been a favourite all over the world. Most horse and pony breeds are nowadays mainly used for leisure activities. In retrospect he was probably a mixture of Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and maybe even a cull of a breeding breed. You can find information, pictures and videos about the different horse breeds, from A to Z. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of a breed before you decide on a horse.

Equestrian Appaloosa & Spotted Pony from Australia Inc.

Horses & Pony Breeds

Many breeds of horse and breeds of horse exist around the globe, and each horse and race of horse has been designed over the years to serve a particular use. Most horse and carriage breeds are nowadays mainly used for recreational purposes. For more information about the different breeds of horse and Ponys, have a look at their own race profiles.

Breeds of horses and ponies originating in the United Kingdom are and are known to be indigenous breeds: breeds and breeds of ponies from all over the world:

Favourite horse breeds and types

The design breeds are in 10th place. Clydesdale horse, Percheron and other horse breeds are the soft giant of the horse-family. Traction crucifixes can be the perfect first horse, as they are often tame and soft. Gangrassen came ninth. I was astonished as breeds like the Tennessee Walker and the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse are a favorite choice for older horsemen who find it hard to position on their backs and knees, and for those looking for a jump-free jog.

Strade Pferde - The eight most beloved of them are those without special or well-known cattery. For most of us who have been horse riders for a while will have a favourite horse in our history. My mother's Manitou horse was the first horse I started to ride. In retrospect he was probably a mixture of Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and maybe even a cull of a cross.

Even if they do not have an excellent level of riding, they can do everything any other horse can and many are perfect for beginners. With its power, sophistication, and heritage, the Morgan is as much a favorite race as a culture symbol. Vermont in the early years of US horse breeding, the Morgan Horse, was inspired by the grubbing-up and working of New England ranches.

Nowadays it is a favourite ride and saddle horse, sure-footed along the rugged path, as it is sophisticated and well-designed. Morgan was the 7th most beloved horse in our survey. It has lovers all over the globe. Initially developped by the Nez Perce of the Horse Nations, this beloved race was saved from dying out by a few committed herders.

Only a few humans can ignore the charm of these beautiful animals. Though the Quarter Horse and many other lightweight horse breeds are actually warm-blood breeds - a mixture of coldblooded and hot-blooded breeds, warmblood breeds such as Hanovarians, Trakehners, Cleveland Bays, Canadians, Belgium warmblood breeds and others are very much loved by the reader, which brings the general headline "Warmbloods" to fifth place.

Most of the breeds were raised for the battle field and are usually bigger and more flegmatic than many lightweight breeds. Courageous Shetland and the more stylish Welsh Pony are favourite breeds for kids and grown-ups alike. Most OTTB' find a second career as riders and drivers both in the fields of training and show jumper and as leisure time riders for the back yard.

Arabs may not be the perfect first horse, although there are always exemptions from the rules, and many novices began to ride Arabs or partial Arabs. Arabic Breeding Register is the oldest breeding register in the word. Any lightweight horse race can retrace its lineage back to the Arab. First and foremost was the America Quarter Horse.

Known for his agile, docile and athletic, these mounts are appreciated by novices and pros as well. Even as we went on to other races, many of us can tell loving stories about a Quarter Horse that all began when we were young. It is the biggest breeding register in the whole wide globe and the horse is appreciated worldwide.

Nearly 20% of you have chosen the Quarter Horse as your favourite race.

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