Horse Bridle Set

Bridle set

There are also complete bridle sets that include reins, a little & a kerb strap for draught horses, average horse size and ponies to help you get started. The TSC carries bridles, curbs, hackamores, headstalls, nosebands and reins. WEATHER DESIGNED BRIDLE, Reins & Breast Collar Set for sale!

Practically packed as a set. Bridle Sets Fringe and Non-Fringe Bridle Sets Many colours and styles to choose from.


Bridle kits for your horseback ride or workouts. Westerns bridle kits come with everything you need for a bridle. We have a range of bridle kits in either genuine cowhide suede or non-woven fabric. It is an economic alternative for high-quality, ready-to-use fences. They are a good selection for a first bridle for beginners or for a young horse.

Our bridle kits come from top manufacturers like Weaver Leather, Martin Saddlery or Turn-Two Ecuine at reasonable costs.

Bridle set, racing bridle set, racing bridle set made of nylon

3-piece Race Bridle Set in two colours consisting of Caveson, Bridle and Reins. Select from the two-colour colour combinations and enter them in the colour enquiry field. Colour options: monochrome/brown, black/white, black/yellow, green/black, green/white, green/yellow, fluorescent green/black, fluorescent pink/black, fluorescent pink/white, orange/black, orange/royal, purple/black, purple/white, red/black, royale, red/white, royal/yellow, royal/red, royal/white, royal/yellow, white/black, white/green, white/red, white/royal, yellow/black, yellow/red, yellow/royal, yellow/white, fluorescent yellow/black.

  • Collar and Headstall for LESS

Our range of horse accessories, calipers, headpieces, bridles, chest collar and more are available at a small part of the price of similar horses. We use thick, long-lasting and long-lasting leathers. As our rates are low, this does not mean that our product does not meet the highest standards of product safety. You' ll enjoy every one of the nice west tacks we have available for your horse.

There is a wide range of tacks in all shapes, dimensions, bit changes and colours. Riata has a long life and looks good too. Our thick, US leathers are the hallmark of all our wear, no cheap, inferior headpieces or chest collar are used. We' ve got an exiting line of ornamental headpieces and chest collar with cane weave, fur inlays, crystal, high-grade spot and various combination of all these lovely highlights.

We at Riata Horse Tack want you to be pleased, please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail or call us if you have any queries or comments! There is no need to pay a fortune to get top class horse care and at Riata we believe in first class client services!

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