Horse Brush Set

Brush set for horses

Buy Pet Supplies online from a wide range of brushes, fur, hoofpicks, clippers, combs & more at great prices. Individual, personalized horse brush sets or individually sold articles. Semi Soft Bristle Grey English Charger Brush.

Care sets - Care instructions

Nursing sets or caring tanks will store the amount of buying around for everything you need to get started with your caring supplies. What is the best way to do this? We' ll put everything together for you in one convenient place, which includes personal care products such as hair and toe cleaners, hair removal, hair and toe cleaners, and more.

You can easily transport and put away the care sets or cases themselves. Would you rather choose all your own types of brush and customise your range of care products? You can also buy cleaning cases or pockets to help you remain organised. We have a range of care products including major labels such as Equi Essentials, Noble Outfitters and EquiZe.

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Individually adapted horse care brush set

Individual horse care is a convenient yet breathtaking way to promote your company brand and give your cleaning utensils a personal note! The following 4 types of brush are included in this set: "3 "3" long, dark patch brush, which is ideal as a finish brush for last-minute repairs or for wiping off debris.

Gray English fibre brush - middle hard bristles brush. The brush is ideal for removing sludge, powder and debris. Tampico Brush - Tampico edge with Uni Fibre Centre. The brush has a stiffer centre, a smoother edge. Rigid centre of this brush removes stubborn grime while the smoother Tampico edging whirls away the powder for a cleaner, smoother surface.

It' one of our favourite paintbrushes. You can engrave your brush with a name and your company name, or with one of our many designs for a wide range of events and races. When you do not see any graph in the chart that matches your horse's race or event, ask us if we have anything else available.

It is also possible to place a line of text or graphic on the sides of the wooden brush.

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