Horse Brush Tote

Brush carrier bag

Pockets & containers are made of soft fabric, durable plastic or wood. An individually designed Wood Tack Caddy is the perfect gift for all age groups of horse lovers. The brush bristles smashed and full of gravel? Gradually I wanted to show you all how I made a care bag.

Reading the article about what you all have in your body care bags, I wondered what you use as a carrier bag.

Compilation of a care box

Were all the hairbrushes cleaned and respectful, and the flasks and beautifully organised like Martha Stewart's glasses? The brush hairs shattered and full of gravel? Was there a rusted old shoe scratch next to a pointer at the bottom of the crate? It' s a good wager that you purchased these paintbrushes twenty years ago when you first began horse back-riding and have not changed them since.

Old filthy bristled toothbrushes are not only unattractive, they won't even get your horse cleaned. Gummy, muddy ungulate seed oils, well beyond its flowering period, have probably forfeited their entire moisturising effect. However, find some sorting space, discard all the old paintbrushes, filthy hoofpickles and empty flasks and begin again with new things, because after all, paintbrushes, hoofpickles and the like are inexpensive.

Dipstick. They are available in all types of fibres: Tampico and Palmyra vegetable fibres, horse hair or Polypropylen fibre, generally made of Polypropylen. Select a brush that will fit snugly in your hands. They are made for a child's hands and a small little one, so select one you like. Know your horse, too. A few of them have very thin skin and cannot tolerate rigid hair.

On the other side some of them are tenacious men and long for a scratching brush. You should have three bristles in your kit: 1) the rigid brush. This brush is used to remove heavy debris and is used for heavy duty clean-up work, but does not remove the fine debris.

This is the task of number 2) of the brush and the all-purpose brush, which swirls away both small and large particulates. Below 3) the finish brush. Polishing the horse's fur, this smooth brush keeps oil on the horse's skin. Brush has smooth brushes and is specially designed to fit the face of your horse.

Curry combs have come a long way since you purchased your toothbrushes twenty years ago - by the way, metallic Curry combs came out with the Spanish Inquisition. Today Currys are made of gum and are available in all dimensions and forms and even ergonomic shaped so that they can be adapted to the piste caterpillar's hands. Curry, which is used to scrub debris up to the top, is intended for the hard buyer and down to the sissy.

Cockbrush. Tail Tamer brush finish is a neat trade-off between those who like to brush and those who are afraid of tearing hair off. Horse scratches. It is available with rubberized grips, folding wood grip and ultra thinickel. Brits use softer friction cloths to clean the very thin dirt and they use a harder "cactus cloth" to clean away perspiration stains - a great concept instead of cutting off a tube.

Plenty of options: lid, no lid, wood, padlockable, stand-on-topable, sailcloth bags, etc. The flaps are beautiful because they deter mouse and "sticky fingers" and your equipment has less chances of dropping out and being vacuumed into the dusk area. But even covers have drawbacks. Elevated bottle sizes do not easily slip under the lid and if you place them on their sides they have a tendency to drain.

Plastics containers are great because all your things are easily found and large flasks sit well. The use of a pail should be considered instead of a transport case for bathtub equipment. Included are a wiper (rubber or plastic), a greenstain cleaner such as Cowboy Magic (for whites and grey horses), a large foam and a hand cloth.

Store at least one smooth brush, if not a full brush pack, in your show pack. Apply a shoe scraper and several pieces of smooth clothing to wipe off bit and boot. And don't ever think about putting horse delicacies in every box.

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