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The Happy Mouth Bits are uniquely made of high-tech plastic and are therefore soft, flexible, gentle and comfortable for your horse. Its unique apple scent increases the acceptance of your horse. The Horse Bits are available online with fast delivery from VioVet, the trusted supplier of veterinary medicines, food and pet care products. You can order bits for horses online or in one of our shops nationwide.

Rubber Coronet Mouth Dee Soft Bits

This is for my son's tough horse. Until I saved Donk from being slaughtered, he was used and misused by a man who had no clue how to deal with a horse, let alone teaching it anything but evil manners. Using all "power" technique instead of confidence and rest, he "asked" the horse to do what he wanted.

This made Donk the toughest Jew's harp horse I've ever had to work on. It ignored the bits and reigns and tried to go in the directions in which HE wanted to go. BUT....with this rubberized, not pinching, not hurting piece he has become accustomed to a totally different horse! But with the incredible low cost of this little thing, it can't do any harm to try!

Horsebits from Rideaway

Enhance your horse's communications with our choice of high performance kits to match your horse's comforts. Slightly is important to enhance communications between riders and horses, and when you choose your new horse parts from our assortment, you can be sure that your horse will respond to your brief.

Each of our kits are specifically chosen to make sure you have the best value for yourself and your horse, so you can be sure you have a value for money horse.

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