Horse Camp

Equestrian camp

As Kathy arrives at horse camp, she realizes that she has to deal with Stacy, the mean girl from the area. The Quinn Meadow Horse Campground is located in the Deschutes National Forest. strong>2018 Summer Camp Dates Willang Village (for 2-5, 7-10 year old girls) or Durango Village (for 3-7, 9-13 year old boys) in our Main Camp and East Valley Ranch (for 5-11, 10-16 year old girls) only 12 nautical mile away in a quiet and remote area. The aim of both sites and their programmes is to give the rider the chance to feel safer and more at ease in a rider group, as they work together to build enduring friendship while at the same time acquiring the basics of horse back and horse grooming.

This equestrian staff consists of horse enthusiasts from all over the globe who want to exchange their experience with camper riders. There are over eighty extraordinary equestrian centres, each of which has a large shed, several horse stables and hectares of open land that lead to kilometres of hiking paths.

The programme is certified by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and meets the highest security requirements.

12-16 for girl

Our Wilderness Horse Camp is situated in Cornucopia, the gate to Eagle Cap Wilderness, and is the ideal camp for the horse-loving teenager who has already learned the fundamentals of horse grooming and horse-raiding. In this 7 days camp you will broaden your skills by driving every night on footpaths that will lead you to stunning scenery and allow you to discover this historical mined area.

We start the workweek in our robust, rustical basecamp above Pine Creek, where you will meet your group. We have a warm showers, wood -floored screen marquees and, as always, a breathtaking landscape! Every morning the women go saddling to the hills and then returning to basecamp at nocturnal, where they are learning to cook their food with traditional low-girl food.

Accommodation depends on the skills and group sizes of each camp, spending the evenings watching the million star-filled skies every even. We will spend your first days getting to know the other camper for the whole group and then you will be mated with a horse that suits your abilities perfectly.

In the morning we will have a tasty breakfast and a bag of lunches, saddle up and learn a lot on the way to explore the wonderful places of interest of the Eagle Cap Wilderness area. Returning from our riding, we clean our animals, give them grass and play and eat.

Don't neglect to take your bathing suit with you so we can paddle in Pine Creek or swim in some high altitude ponds. The Wilderness Horse Camp is still refining it, but with some comforts like a warm slush! Free-of-charge Portland vans for all Wilderness Horse Camps.

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