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The Diecast and Toy Horse-Drawn Vehicles for purchase

Matchstick box Lesney ---Matchbox LESNEY #27B BEDFORD LOW LOADER, GREEN GLIGHT, GPW ---Excellent, like new, State and in the box ---100% genuine ---Click here to see our other vinyl matchbox offered for purchase ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We offer a large selection of classic and classic toy products, which include 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s toy products.

It is an authentic "MATCHBOX" MODEL OF YESTERYEAR Y-4 SHAND MASON HORSE DRAWN FIRE ENGINE with horses in it. It'?s showing horses in blacks. 1990 Ertl Texaco die-cast metall horse & tanker lock Münzbank with keys NEW! Selling is a brandnew 1991 Ertl Texaco Horse & Tanker metallic coins bench with diecast keys.

Supplied with all documents and the genuine polybags. Formerly Moko Lesney small tarpaulin truck with small drums. Published for the first time in 1953 before the normal wheel line of the match box. It is a match box Moko made in the 1950s by Lesney in England. Matchstick box Moko #7 horse milk cart. All items are genuine, completely and in almost as good as new state.

Formerly Moko Lesney little crown ing couch. Reproductionsox, compared very well with my orginal, it is evident that it is a matter of reproducing, improves the screen. 131 Matchbox Y.R. Transfers for Y4 Horse Drawn "London" Matchbox Yesteryears Transfers for the Y4 Horse Drawn Fire Appliance. MATCHSTICK AND OTHER MATCHSTICK BOXES. Immerse the shuttle in hot tap for 30-60 seconds until it glides lightly on the backing film.

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