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I still have my daughter in love with these books. Great horse books for girl and she hasn't abandoned the couches for a few nights. Yeah, she's completely horse mad. She' been reading every horse books she ever got her hands on, and she' s always asking for more. When you have a kid who likes a horse, you can probably tell!

Do you need help to weed through good and evil when it comes to horse-related literary works? We have compiled a shortlist of some of the good horse books for youngsters. Below are the books in order of difficulties in read. Using the Scholastic Books readingscale. Next to each of the books or serials you will see the name "RL" and then a number.

More than 30 chapter books for your horse enthusiast. I still have my own little boyfriend in crush on these books. Designed for first chapter reader, this is a cute and adorable 6-year-old girls called Andi ( Andrea ). Every one of the 6 books in the set contains a nice morality class that Andi and her girlfriend Riley are learning as they are growing.

For Andi and Riley, this episode is the previous or "younger" time for the same character in the Circle C Adventures later included in this listing. These historic dictionaries are a real darling! Unfortunately the books are out of stock, but I had no problems to find them needed and in the libary.

You can also buy a Treasured Horse Collection with 4 books: Rivals chule, Pretty Lady of Saratoga, The Stallion of Box Canyon und Kate's Secret Plan (Rivalen der Reitschule). Stallion Stantom is a mysterious and adventurous show that makes you wonder if the 13-year-old Samantha's lack of horse could really be the ferocious "Phantom" she wants to handle so much.

Featuring The Wild One, Mustang Moon and Dark Sunshine, it's hard to understand why this bestselling franchise has won the heart of so many women! Honestly, I have to tell you that we don't own this show yet, but I can cross it while I' wrote this article and already ordered several of them!

A further historic drama line, Hoofbeats, is promising adventures, stories and horseback riding. They have two separate books: And then there are two little ladies, each with four books. The Lara and the Gray Mare is about a young woman caught by a competing tribe with their horse. Walter Farley has been fascinating audiences for over 65 years with his adventurous Black Stallion game.

More than 20 books have been published in this collection, full of courage, intuition and surviving. First 4 are contained in a best-selling Black Stallion Adventureset. Composed in the early 90s, this show is really all about horse riding. Character are young girl who are enthusiastic horse enthusiasts. History concentrates on the tragedy of youngsters, not youngsters, which is beautiful.

Horse get sick, win/loose race and face many other riding related issues. While some of the books are more difficult to find on-line, we still have a good choice in our own bookshop. First in the line is A Horse Callled Wonder. This is probably one of the most popular horse ranges ever created, on the basis of a real history.

Everything begins with Misty of Chincoteague, the tale of how the most ferocious horse of Assateague Island is captured with her valuable stallion Misty. Visitors are fascinated when the inhabitants of the island rebuild their country. History goes on as Paul and Maureen save another foal in Sea Star, the orphan of the Chincoteague.

Misty's Twilight was penned almost 50 years later and is the tale of another of Misty's youngsters who has the opportunity to become a master stallion. It'?s the show that fascinated my fourth grade for years. These books feature fast-paced stories about Andrea (Andi), a 12-year-old young woman who lived on a California Ranch in the 1880s.

Its contents are definitely for an older readership (I'd say 10-14), as Andrea runs into problems that could scare a younger readership, such as tyrants, a horse robber, the dangerous option of running away from home and even killing (one man fights with another and pushes him, but he's instantly repentant).

But don't worry, the scene deals with these challenging issues in a way that is not indecent or unreasonable, and the writer spins a nice Christ messages through each of the books as Andrea teaches to choose the right one, even if the conditions are really tough. It is a self-reliant serial and should be viewed in order.

Naturally, there are many great horse books that were not delivered with a continuation to support them. The rack of your horse enthusiast will be full of elegance, grandeur and adventurous! My daugther likes to read books about horse literature as much as she likes to love them. It has learnt a lot about the care of horse, saddle horse and even about what the different races are best known for.

You got a horse books favourite we missed mentioning?

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