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Retail & Wholesale & Retail Canada & USA. Buy Keddie's Tack and Western Wear for cowboy boots, western clothing, riding gear and more! Prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Canada Cowboy Boots | Western Wear

No matter if you are in our Grande Prairie, AB or on-line shop, you will find everything from West style living to West style clothing and more. Finish off your look with a real Cowboy hat and westernshoes. When you want to get on the horse, you have come to the right place. Our range includes high class westernsaddles made of leathers from barrels to rope and trails.

Here you will also find horse equipment known as "tack". We have working clothes on-line for every kind of wheather, inclusive of rough condition.

Canadischer Verband für Reitausrüstung und Bekleidung e.V. (Canadian Riding Equipment and Clothing Association)

Do you have a question about the identification and identification of riding gear and clothing? Founded in 1972, the Canada Ecutrian Equipping and Apple Association is Canada's leading horse dealer trading group. The CEEAA's Spring (February) and Autumn (September) market offer retail traders the opportunity to join forces with over 40 specialised riding wholesale dealers in an easily accessible location.

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We offer all types of horse clothing, blankets, saddle pads and riding accessories.

We offer all types of horse clothing, blankets, saddle pads and riding accessories. Custom branded goods are manufactured according to customers' specifications and the customers' own trademarks are branded. Deliveries are made worldwide to various countries and states such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, United States of America and more.

In the last decade we have been one of the trusted manufacturers and exporters of a high value range of TURNOUT carpets, rain floors, wool carpets, TURNOUT carpets, TURNOUT rugs, TURNOUT rugs, TURNOUT rugs, FLY RUGS, CANVAS RUGS, CANVAS RUGS, HEADDLE PADS, HEADSTALL, LEAD SETS, CLOTHING Etc. Our skilled technicians use high grade materials, advanced tooling and advanced technologies with fast delivery times to produce this range.

Because of their properties such as outstanding product performance, low service cost, longer service lifetime, high durability and appealing appearance, our barrier-free product range is highly valued by our clients. In addition, our clients can obtain these various types of product from us at the best possible price according to their specific use.

Our company exports different parts of the country to different destinations like AUSTRALIA, New Zealand, Germany, France, ENGLAND, CANADA, USA, SPAIN, CZECH REPUBLIC, AUSTRIA.

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