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Cloothes Horse starts to help you buy clothing that fits online.

Cothes Horse would make sure all the dresses you buy online are in shape. Formerly Venkatraman had a tailor's shop and was inspire to put clothing measurement online. Turned to 50 big brand names and apparel makers for measurement, from mean sleeve length to full length waistline - because everyone knows that a Brooks Brothers chemise does not match The Gap.

The Venkatraman teamed the manufacturer's readings with the user's own bodily dimensions and developed a set of algorithmic predictions to determine how well an article would suit a shopper. When checking out on partner pages, people can click the "Clothing Horse" icon, "Check My Size". You will then be asked for your personal clothing preference, e.g. where your favourite dress comes from.

Shortly afterwards a recommended sizes will be given. Referral engines also provide the user with information on how an article will match. You can check whether the object feels good in the breast, the arms or the collars. The majority of guys swing at the cash register because they are not sure if the article is as great as it looks online.

Clute' Horse seems to be exactly what some buyers need to deal with the order. The Bonobos team tried out Cloothes Horse and recorded a 13% growth in turnover. Cluothes Horse, if it continued to collect information from buyers, could supply e-commerce websites with some fairly compelling information about consumer behavior and how best to reach them.

This is what the Clothes Horse recommender machine looks like:

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