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Equestrian competition boots

The Harrys Horse Paris Competition Shirt - Harrys Horse USA. Choose Options - Harrys Horse Protection Boots Flextrainer White. Horseriding equipment>Long and short riding boots>Long riding boots.

HORSE PROTECTION AND SAFETY. Riding boots with leather hooks and front lacing.

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We' re being frank because we' ve got something to say. The cheerful and colourful equestrian sports label with setting. We all live for our own horse. Horse equipment always fits your look. We offer a collection that is classy, sparkling, glamorous, light and ultra-glossy. We' re made to shine. The sparkling in the backgauge is an important part of our gene.


What is there another shoe type for? Since I have been strongly committed to "Natural Farmyard Care" for many years and participate in horse sports with barefoot trained athletes, I became more and more disappointed about the available shoe styles because of their difficult handling and their flagrant disregard for the bio-mechanical needs of the horse farmyard and the lower thigh.

I realized that something better was needed not only for the nonchalant horse, but above all for the barefoot stallion. I started to create the boots of my dream with a backgrounds in industry designing, structural engineering, metalworking and modelling.

Renegade® Hoof Shoes is the outcome of this search, which took over three calendars and took an approximate 20,000 "man-hours" of evolution combined with more than a decade of trials with more than a thousand horse and equestrian crews competing in some of the most impassable areas in the world.

Indeed, Halim El Mokhtar's Renegade® boots were used to earn 1,120 competition points at the prestigious American Endurance Ride Conference, Jim Jones Stallion Award 2005. The uncompromised approach of my designs to put the horse first has resulted in a shoe designed that greatly respect the tissues of the coffin and lower thigh, does not hinder the movements of the fetlock bone, does not collect significant amounts of grime and rubble, remains good on the foot for power work and is the simplest to fit and work with.

Renegade hoof shoes have a uniquely swiveling toe cap; when correctly dimensioned, mounted, aligned and mounted, they do not grind, even for 100 mile ranges (Tevis approved), and do not require any accessory to provide this level of power. Renegade® boots have been on the advance for a long while, but their advent unleashes the power of the barefooter and gives them the added shelter they need to reach an unparalleled level of riding ability in the tarnish.

Honestly, I trust you will have as much fun with the boots as I do with the painstaking work of taking them to you.

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